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  1. univibe88

    Watch "Ken Burns: Prohibition" to see some incredible hats

    If you have an Amazon Prime account you can watch Ken Burns: Prohibition for free. It is full of amazing video and photography from the 20s and 30s. It is a three part documentary, but the third part probably has the most hat images. Here are a few I captured.
  2. univibe88

    My Akubra Campdraft put to hard use

    I thought you guys may enjoy a shot of my Campdraft after a weekend of rainy camping. Several of you know I beat this hat like a red headed stepchild (a-hem, hat dancing). This past weekend was no exception. I shoved it in the saddlebag of my motorcycle and rode up to New Hampshire for the...
  3. univibe88

    Photos of my new Gfeller Casemakers Briefcase

    Many of you may not know about Gfeller Casemakers. I first found out about them on a fountainpen forum when I was looking for a cover for my Moleskine notebook. I have gone on to also buy a very nice leather belt. I have been dreaming about a briefcase and finally pulled the trigger...
  4. univibe88

    Trying out a different bash on my Art hat

    I decided to try out a new bash on one of my Art hats. It's amazing to me how a slightly different bash can really look so different! It began life as a deep center crease: I decided to give it a go with a deep diamond with a tighter pinch and longer dents.
  5. univibe88

    1965 US Coast Guard Academy Dress Coat / Pea Coat

    I thought you guys may like to see these pictures. This coat belonged to my father when he attended the US Coast Guard Academy in the mid 1960s. I'm not sure if it is properly a pea coat, but it is made of the same dense wool. It is double breasted but I didn't take a photo of it buttoned up...
  6. univibe88

    Pictures of my long await Aero Stockman

    Here are some pictures of my newly arrived Aero Stockman. I ordered it way back in Feb! I have no idea why it took so long, but I don't really care. It was too warm to wear it during the delay anyway. I ordered a Stockman in its "stock" length. I simply provided my chest...
  7. univibe88

    Summer storage of felt hats

    I think it's time to put my felt hats in their boxes to store them away for the warmer months. What do you guys do to ward off moths? I've lost some lesser worn clothes to moths, so I am very afraid of them. Sure there are old fashioned moth balls, but I really don't want my hats to smell...
  8. univibe88

    Replacement buttons for a navy blazer

    I bought a new navy blazer today. I'm not nuts about the shiny brass buttons. Do you have any suggestions and sources (namely sources!) for some cool buttons? Thanks
  9. univibe88

    British Pound hits a 23 year low against the dollar

    Looks like it's time to order an Aero!
  10. univibe88

    Some marketing ideas for HATCO / Stetson

    What ideas do you have for Stetson to cost-effectively market their line of dress hats? I hope it's ok that I started a new thread about this. Deep into the multi-page thread about Stetson in the modern age there is the start of a discussion about Stetson marketing complete with input from...
  11. univibe88

    How to button an overcoat?

    I have a single breasted dress coat with 3 buttons. Is there any protocol for buttoning it? Out of force of habit from buttoning my suit jacket, I will usually leave the bottom button undone. Is this proper? Sometimes the wind will cause it to flap open more than I would I like, so I'll...
  12. univibe88

    Art's hat attracts the dames

    I went to a concert last night at a small bar/club and wore my Art pork pie. I got several compliments. This one doll in particular kept dancing with me and commenting on my hat. She even asked me to give it to her! :eek: She asked where I got it, so I gave her the "Like Hell it's Yours"...
  13. univibe88

    Anyone watch Thursday night football tonight?

    During halftime there was a segment with 5 analysts on an outdoor set. Two had on flat caps, two had on fedoras and the 5 guy was hatless. He looked cold and out of place. One of the Fedoras was a stingy brim with a stylish center denter and very wide ribbon. The other fedora was a bit...
  14. univibe88

    Pictures of my Stetson Sovereign Homburg

    Boston has a very well known vintage store called Bobby from Boston. It's on GQ's 100 Best Stores list. I visited this afternoon for the first time. They had a nice little hat section. They had some truly vintage fedoras with beautiful, soft, buttery felt. But they were all too small for...
  15. univibe88

    Dual brim bindings

    I have seen pictures of hats with two brim bindings. Think of a thick whippet-style brim ribbon binding with a thinner ribbon binding sewn right over it - creating a layered, dual color effect. However, I can't find any pictures of any right now. Does anyone have any shots?
  16. univibe88

    Tuesday afternoon in Boston

    I was sitting in a very crowded Starbucks on State Street downtown Boston on Tuesday afternoon. I saw a gentleman walk by wearing either a Federation or an Adventurebuilt - I couldn't tell which. I really wanted to run out and compliment him on his hat, but I had my laptop out at my table (and...
  17. univibe88

    A gentleman recognized my Art Fawcett hat this morning

    This morning at the polling station a gentleman wearing a very sharp pork pie approached me and asked if I was wearing an Art Fawcett hat. As a matter fact I was wearing a granite work of Art. He said that he had an hunch when he noticed the red stripe in the grey ribbon. Art really has...
  18. univibe88

    Wearing my hat to NYC

    Today I took the train down from Boston to NYC for a big customer presentation. I was dressed in my favorite suit and feeling rather dapper...topped off with my Art hat of course. Something about taking the train and going up front to the big city just made it feel like the perfect hat day...
  19. univibe88

    Something new and never before seen from Art

    I just received my lasted creation from Art. The man never ceases to amaze me. I swear he is clairvoyant. I sent him an order for a porkpie, to which he said "I realized with your hat I have an opportunity to get creative." My German side started flaring up and had a hard time letting go...
  20. univibe88

    Adjusting a panama into a long oval

    I have a fairly high quality panama that just doesn't quite fit the shape of my melon. I believe my head is more long oval than the block of this hat. Is it possible to have the hat adjusted? I live near DelMonico Hatters in CT. Do you know if they'd be able to do such an adjustment...

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