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    Two New Jackets Review - Aero Premier HB & Tony Leathers Crosszip

    Happy New Year TFL members! Just received 2 new jackets last week. One from Aero and one from Tony Leathers. Aero Premier Half Belt This is my second jacket from Aero. My first one was the hooch hauler made with Tobacco badalassi which I love and I wanted a black Half Belt from Aero...
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    Tobacco Badalassi Hooch Hauler Fit pic & Half Belt sizing

    Hi everyone, Just received my first Aero jacket few weeks ago. The result is quite good and I am happy with how it fits. The badalassi leather is beautiful and doesn’t require a break in at all. Pics are as follows: However I found out that the difference between the final product and...
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    Badalassi Carlo Nappa - Second jacket from Tony Leathers

    So this is the second jacket I made from Tony Leather in Shanghai. I am happy with the fit and construction with the first jacket with Tony so I placed another order soon after I recieved the first jacket. I based this jacket on the Mister Freedom Campus Jacket in raw hide but darker. Kind of...
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    Fit Pic/Opinion on new jacket (Local Jacket Maker)

    Hi everyone, Just received a new leather jacket. This is my first custom/ proper jacket so I would like some opinion on the fit and maybe areas to improve on. The maker of the jacket is local. Turnaround time is about a month. All in all I think the jacket turns out decent. I was measured in...
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    Aero leather Hooch Hauler Sizing Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to order a Hooch Hauler jacket from aero leather in the tobacco balalassi leather. I have contacted Holly from Aero and she has been very nice and helpful so far regarding my question. However Im still unsure about the sizing as I have read that aero has tendency to...

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