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    Vanson X Butterscotch X LFNYC Commando 'S' - Sz M (Fits like L)

    Hi Andrew - if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the waist/sweep on this?
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    Probably slightly too slim for me unfortunately. Good luck with the sale - that’s a great price for that jacket.
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    That is stunning. If you don’t mind me asking … what’s the waist measurement on this?
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    Uneven grain/crease on a Horsehide?

    Re: Double Helix … I picked up a Deviant in my size (44) a month or so ago. I’ve a few other jackets - a couple of Aeros, an Addict AD01, Flat Head Delraiser, Vanson C2RN and now this … so I’ve had a few to compare to. I’ll post photos up when I can … but my initial impressions on a month where...
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    Anybody have experience with Y’2 leathers?

    Damn that jacket looks great Merv!
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    Vanson x Butterscotch LB CR2N

    I’ve one of these in size 44 - I love it, particularly the cut. They do size a little bit bigger than the tag size - mine is a little looser than other size 44 jackets I own … so check the measurements. If I’d known this I’d have sized down for a closer fit. That’s a great price too - I paid...
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    FS: The Real McCoy's 30S SPORTS JACKET / COOPER Sz 44

    I 100% second that - a total gent
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    FS in EU: *NEW* Double Helix Deviant Horsehide

    I bought one of these recently - managed to get hands on with one and the fit for me (size 44) was perfect. I haven’t seen much comments on here about Double Helix - but as someone who also owns a Flat Head Delraiser I can say that they’re easily in the same league in terms of quality and...
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    Vanson x Left Field x Butterscotch Commando S(Fits like M)

    I’ve been looking for one of these for months … but sadly think I’d need a large. Good luck with the sale!
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    Re-sizing a leather jacket (Aero Premier Half Belt)

    Yeah. That’s my worry. If it’s not worth it I’d rather keep it - as stupid as that’d be. There is also that lingering fear that the weight may return. I don’t think it will - I’ve lost it through sustainable lifestyle changes and diet (not dieting - I just eat better and less of it). I used to...
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    Re-sizing a leather jacket (Aero Premier Half Belt)

    Hey fellow loungers… I’ve an odd question - how easy/possible is it to reduce the size of a leather jacket? I’ve posted on here before about having lost a lot of weight in the last 8 months. I’ve gone from, in real terms, a size 48 to somewhere between a 42 and 44 depending on the maker. In...
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    FS: Addict AD-02 Double Rider (Size 44)

    I’m glad someone else bought this… I was just about to do something that would likely lead to me getting an earful from my other half for buying yet another jacket! Sellers remorse is a killer… but it’ll free up wardrobe space for something else in time for autumn no doubt…
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    Double Helix Works?

    I know I was posting on here a few months ago about my love (entirely based on online photos) of the Fine Creek Leon … thinking of it as an upgrade on my Vanson C2RN … it’s funny how wrong you can be. I’m extremely grateful for folk on here pointing out the pattern length in particular - my...
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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    So … eh … I may have underestimated my weight loss … as I seem to be closer to 36 inches in the waist now. I was wondering how/why the Delraiser fits well! Guys - if you want to lose weight just have a new born and lose all the time you used to have to eat! I’ve shed about a decade of crappy...
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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    Sorry - I rambled on without making the point. My point is the OP has noted that it fits like a 42. I don’t fit into anything labelled 42 - I’m generally a 44 fit. If you’re a typical 42 (drop 6 - so a 36 inch waist) this will fit roomier I think … it’ll zip easily but it won’t be the close...
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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    So Gily has posted above about owning one of these - in fact I bought his Delraiser. He went on to buy a J24L and it fit him perfectly (as did the Delraiser). If you’re in the market for the original fit J24 or the J24L … ( ie before they introduced the 2021 roomier fit J24 ) then you’ll fit...
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    The Flat Head Del Raiser, size 44 (fits 42)

    I picked up one of these in the same size on FL earlier this year … and it’s become my daily driver since then. The OP is right - it’s a very slim 44 … wide shoulders and fairly narrow waste - a very V fit. But … what a jacket! I’ve been stopped by random strangers who wanted to know where I...
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    FS: Fine Creek Leathers Leon Custom 2mm Horsehide Jacket sz44.

    Lovely jacket … might I ask what the waist measurement is on this?
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    For sale Himel Bros. x Orvis Transcontinental sz L (about size 44)

    That it beautiful - I wish that style worked for me as I’d be all over that if it did. Good luck with the sale
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    Fit advice - Fine Creek Leon

    Yeah - I’ve seen the cut off versions (not a fan) - but I believe the rivet and hide 2mm custom also comes with no belt/epaulettes rather than cut offs (The Shop in Vancouver also carry a few that come without rather than cut). I guess my ideal end state is my Vanson cut a little more trim in...

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