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  1. Jish1969

    Vintage Pendleton-Mens Large Long

    Hi all, I picked this circa 1970's Pendleton up on Fleabay last year and was unaware that it was a Large Long, and its been sitting in my closet since. It is in great condition, the only exception is the topmost button is missing. $50 + shipping , but I would also entertain trades for a...
  2. Jish1969

    What leather conditioner to use

    Hi all, I just dropped a little coin on some Chippewas and was wondering what you all recommend for leather care. I picked up the 20080, which I intend to use primarily for motorcycling and secondary for hiking(to the places I bike to). I have pure mink oil, but there seems to be an even...
  3. Jish1969

    Replacement clips for metal TV tray tables?

    Anyone got a line on these? They are the plastic kind that take 2 small rivets for the 1/2 inch standard metal tube frames... EDIT-Not mine in the pic but just so you have the idea...
  4. Jish1969

    Waterfall bed frame, full size

    I recently scored a waterfall bed that matches our set better so this one goes up for sale. Good condition, nothing Old English can't hide. I would much prefer if buyer was close to Buffalo, NY, since this would be quite the task to ship. $50, but if you have something to trade don't be shy...
  5. Jish1969

    Leather for Knife sheath

    Any ideas on where to get the appropriate thickness of leather to make my own knife sheath? My grandfather left me some old Brazil-made knives, and I would like to make a new sheath for it. Online stores will do, unless anybody knows of anything in or around Buffalo, NY...
  6. Jish1969

    Anyone use or own Wooden Skis?

    I was eyeing a pair at a barn sale this summer, but I wanted a pair that would be more than just a decoration. So does anyone here have and use wooden skis for winter recreation? Show us some pics of your rigs!
  7. Jish1969

    The DIY Vintage Repair Before/After Thread

    I got this idea as I was hauling away a rather neglected art deco nightstand from the Salvation Army "as is" store. When it comes to vintage items, it seems that everybody on this forum cherishes them no matter what the condition and we go to great lengths to "bring them back from the grave" so...
  8. Jish1969

    1930 Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

    I actually saw this the at the second hand store a month ago, but it was out of my price range so I didn't think about it again. Today there is 20 percent off lamps and picture frames at the store so I head in(like I wasn't going to anyway) and the lamp, which I had thought would have been long...
  9. Jish1969

    Anyone got any info on this Pendleton Jacket?

    Picked this up for a song at the local thrift store, its in perfect condition and a great fall hiking/fishing jacket but I know next to nothing about it. I know the 49'er was Pendleton's flagship model but I thought it was only for ladies. A production year would be tops but any info helps...
  10. Jish1969

    Waterfall bedroom

    Just wanted to show you guys and gals the beginnings of our Waterfall bedroom, I got the dresser two years ago and we found my wife's vanity about three months ago at a flea market for 50 bucks. I sadly just missed out on the matching nightstand a few weeks ago at an estate sale, but we are...

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