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  1. deswaaf

    FS: Fine Creek Richmond sz 46 (44 L fit)

    Since I traded this jacket with @sweetfights I have literally worn it every day, even in the (relatively mild) winter it wears so nice, this is a 3 season jacket IMO. I came from a size 42L Lost Worlds Suburban, and was afraid this Japanese cut might be somewhat restrictive in the shoulders. But...
  2. deswaaf

    Trade my Lost Worlds Suburban 42L grainy 4.5 oz FQHH?

    Hey guys, Concerning THE one and only actual Suburban jacket featured on Lost Words homepage as centre picture! Read more about the jacket here: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fit-pics-lost-worlds-suburban-42l-grainy-4-5-oz-fqhh.101666/ I love this jacket and it's still my only...
  3. deswaaf

    My craft: historical stringed instrument I just finished making.

    I recently finished this project, if you want to see the making of you can check out my instagram: @manueldeswaaf
  4. deswaaf

    Anyong selling Fine Creek black horsehide size 44/46?

    Title says it all, if you have something for sale I'd love some pics!
  5. deswaaf

    Blowdryer + conditioner on Lost Worlds leather (before, during, after)

    The picture above is before any treatment. More about this jacket: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fit-pics-lost-worlds-suburban-42l-grainy-4-5-oz-fqhh.101666/ Let me begin by saying that I read a lot of advice against doing this, that the leather used by LW supposedly won't need any...
  6. deswaaf

    FIT PICS: Lost Worlds Suburban 42L grainy 4.5 oz FQHH

    Over the past 8 years I bought 6 or 7 secondhand jackets (one beautiful premier Aero Halfbelt I ended up gifting to my mom, it fit her perfectly) But this is the first jacket that I can actually comfortably wear. It fits like a glove! I need a long size but I kept being seduced by jackets in the...
  7. deswaaf

    Aero Sheene Size 38 Black Chromexcel FQ Horsehide leather Jacket

    Catch and release, took a gamble on this, but for me it is slightly too short, alas! This jacket is as new, the original owner bought it directly from Aero and wore it twice, I bought it for 600,- euro (650,- usd) Would be happy to let it go for the same, not trying to make a profit. (Prefer...
  8. deswaaf

    Aero premium half belt fit (6'2) Curious about other peoples jacket length

    Hey guys, First time poster, long time lurker. I'm in the proces of ordering a Aero jacket but I'm going back and forth in my mind about proper jacket/sleeve length. I know this depends on individual preferences and also jacket styles, but I'd like to get some reference to know how Aero sizes...
  9. deswaaf


    Hey guys, First post, been lurking for a while. (Thanks for all of the great info for a leather geek like me!) This jacket is obviously too short for me, but it has inspired me to get an Aero jacket custom made for a 6'2 guy with monkey arms like myself. This jacket was bought from Thurson...

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