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  1. Ticklishchap

    Is it wrong to stay in a hotel when I visit my elderly parents?

    This is a question I am discussing with my partner, my friends and now my online community at FL. I have recently returned to London from a visit to my parents, aged 91 (father) and 87 (mother), who live in a cathedral city in central Southern England. I am a 56 year old man: my partner is a...
  2. Ticklishchap

    New Activities/Interests during 'lockdown'

    During the various lockdowns and Covid restrictions over the past year, what new interests/hobbies/challenges have you taken up? I have been learning (or trying to learn) Malay in my spare moments. It is the first time I have attempted a non-European language and I am finding the vocabulary...
  3. Ticklishchap

    Einstein-style sweater

    I am looking for a wool sweater similar to the one above, in this iconic photograph of Albert Einstein: close-knit wool with turn-back cuffs. It would be an occasional change from the military and fisherman's sweaters for which I am noted. I have owned a number of them in the past, mainly in...
  4. Ticklishchap

    Dave Brandstetter detective series

    I hadn't heard of these novels but saw them mentioned in an article I read a couple of weeks ago about 1970s crime fiction. I like the idea of Dave Brandstetter as the ruggedly masculine PI who is contentedly gay but it's no big deal - even back then. These novels are not well known in the UK...
  5. Ticklishchap

    Norwegian Wool Sweaters

    Gentlemen, My interest in Norwegian wool sweaters has very much been reawakened by the 'Scandi Noir' thriller 'Twin' currently being shown on BBC television and set in northern Norway. Several of the men wear these sweaters and look great. I have worn a lot of them over the years and have two...
  6. Ticklishchap

    Nativer American belts

    As a British man, I have always greatly admired Native American culture and I would be interested in acquiring a genuine Native American belt which wasn't tourist kitsch and was appropriate in design/patterns/colours/stones and metals for a 50 year old male. Can any of you point me towards...
  7. Ticklishchap

    Monty Python Sergeant Major Sketch

    I was going to post this sketch from the Monty Python team on my thread about the Woolly Pully (commando sweater): you will see from it why I am such an aficionado of this item of clothing. However I thought it deserved a thread in its own right because it's so good - and so true (if just...
  8. Ticklishchap

    Cricket sweaters

    I am looking to buy a new pure wool Cricket sweater (or jumper on this side of the Atlantic). Or a second hand one would do. I enjoyed wearing them at school and university, although I was never much into the game itself, but the few I have knocking around are now too small for me and/or too...
  9. Ticklishchap

    The Young Fogey Phenomenon

    How many of you remember, or were influenced by, the Young Fogey phenomenon or its American counterpart? I was having a nostalgic conversation about this with an old friend over the Christmas period. At university in the mid-80s, I was a fully paid-up Young Fogey. It was an informal cultural...
  10. Ticklishchap

    School and college sports

    It's a windy and rainy afternoon here and I associate these conditions with school sports as throughout my teenaged years I had to turn out onto the Rugby field come rain or shine - and I even did it when it was no longer compulsory. However we didn't call it Rugby but 'Rugger' at my school. I...
  11. Ticklishchap

    Unsaeasonably mild weather

    For the past week in London and the South of England the weather has been unseasonably and unpleasantly mild with south and south-westerly winds straight out of hell, high humidity, perpetual greyness and warm nights. There have been none of the nice crisp mornings and clear days we had last...
  12. Ticklishchap

    Experience of service in the Armed Forces

    In another recent thread about missed opportunities, I expressed regret about not joining the Army or Navy for a few years when I had the chance to do so, as I was in the cadet corps at school. How many of you have had experience of serving the Armed Forces, and how much did you benefit (or...
  13. Ticklishchap

    What missed opportunities do you regret?

    Question for a rainy afternoon, as it is here in London. Have any of you been offered any professional or leisure opportunities that you have later regretted not taking up? To start the discussion: I enjoyed being in the officers' training corps at my boarding school and thought seriously...
  14. Ticklishchap

    Does anyone else hate the 'Regards' signature

    I have to get this one off my chest! More and more often over the past few years, I have had work-related emails and sometimes even letters that close with 'Regards' or sometimes variants such as 'Kind' or 'Best' Regards, or 'Warm'/'Warmest' Regards. In the latter case, it's as if the heat level...
  15. Ticklishchap

    Anyone else looking forward to sweater weather?

    Is anyone else looking forward to cool autumnal mornings and evenings, and the chance to put on a nice thick wool sweater again? I am longing for autumn/fall - for this pleasure, and for the colours and gentle light.
  16. Ticklishchap

    WWII/old-fashioned military slang for passing gas.

    Please don't be offended by this topic, chaps. It is simply for a passing reference in some fiction I am working on in my spare time. ... I am looking for old-fashioned military expressions for flatulence, passing gas, etc., whether US or UK, the type that would have been prevalent in the...
  17. Ticklishchap

    Which word for sweater do you prefer?

    Highly unscientific random poll: For this traditional wool garment, do you prefer to use the word sweater, jumper, pullover, jersey, woolly or another term?
  18. Ticklishchap

    What sweaters are you wearing?

    It's very much sweater weather here in the UK and over large parts of the Northern hemisphere? This means it's a good opportunity for the woollies to come out. I have been largely alternating between Army, Navy, RAF and dark grey 'woolly pullies' (commando sweaters) - the ribbed wool is ideal...
  19. Ticklishchap

    Sweater sizes - baggy versus tight-fitting

    I have always found with a traditional wool sweater that it feels - and looks better - to have it in a slightly larger size, so that it looks a bit (but not too) baggy and is not too tight-fitting. I don't know if others agree?
  20. Ticklishchap

    Fishermen's sweaters site

    Here is a useful site for ordering traditional fishermen's sweaters from Cornwall. I have a couple of them and am thinking of ordering another as they are very warm and comfortable as well as very traditional woollies. http://freespace.virgin.net/peter.marrow1/ And they are a remarkably...

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