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  1. Lexybeast

    VTG 7 1/2 Parabuntal blocked by Black Sheep Hat Works

    Hey all! Got an interesting one here- a vtg parabuntal hat I got from Black Sheep Hat Works. Size is 7 1/2. You know those hatters and clothing brands that charge an arm and a leg for a distressed look fresh off the rack? Well THIS hat comes with that from something I call real life! So it...
  2. Lexybeast

    7 1/2ish hat sale! Optimo, vtg Stetson, vtg Dobbs

    Hey everyone! I've been Marie Kondo-ing the place recently, and have a few hats that never get worn because I'm into high crowns these days. Take a look below and let me know if you're interested. Located in Los Angeles if anyone wants a local exchange. Feel free to make offers as well...
  3. Lexybeast

    Carmina boots and Meermin shoes, 9D

    Hey all! I've listed these over on reddit, but thought someone here might be interested as well. Photos are at the bottom of the listing. Closet cleaning time! I have a few pairs I never wear anymore and I'd like them to have a happy home; all around a US 9D, located in Los Angeles. Looking to...
  4. Lexybeast

    FS: Hemp Stetson Stratoliner, Special Edition 7 5/8

    This is a great summer hat. I'm a little between sizes, preferring something just over 7 1/2, so I bought this hat at 7 5/8. I've worn it a fair amount but decided it's just too big. As a testament to how great this hemp hat is, I've already replaced it with a 7 1/2! Some wear to the...
  5. Lexybeast

    FS: White's Boots 9D

    Any interest in these? Both 9D. First pair is the Packer model, second is the smoke jumper with steel toe. Both pairs well taken care of, oiled, etc. Let's say $150 for each.
  6. Lexybeast

    Allen Edmonds to start exporting to China (shoes, not jobs!)

    This is a nice development. I have a feeling they'll do well, USA brands carry a lot of cachet in China. http://www.biztimes.com/daily/2011/12/6/
  7. Lexybeast

    Tweed!!! 38R Bookster jacket and vtg 39R 70s jacket

    Two great jackets for sale! Very nice Bookster jacket in medium weight tweed cloth. Lot of bells and whistles- 3 button, fox head buttons, twin vents, surgeon's cuffs, velvet collar with tab (as seen on the collar's left side, it folds and buttons underneath the collar) and made in England. I...
  8. Lexybeast

    Doctor Who (Tom Baker era) scarf

    Mr mother knit this for me as a Christmas gift, and I thought loungers would enjoy some photos.
  9. Lexybeast

    Help me date these hats!

    My parents have been hitting up a local auction, and picked up a couple of nice vintage (though unfortunately far too small for me) fedoras. I'll be putting them up on the classifieds soon, but was wondering if anyone could help me date them. First up is a Dobbs Homburg, tagged as a 7...
  10. Lexybeast

    Which Bogart film is this from?

    Apologies for the small photo, but somehow I bet that'll pose no problem for the Lounge. lol
  11. Lexybeast

    75 year old film- of FLer interest

    Over on rangefinderforum, there's a guy scanning many rolls of 75 year old film he found. Seems to include a lot of 30s Chicago shots. He's breaking it up into many threads, here are the ones thus far. http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=95453...
  12. Lexybeast

    So Caler's- Schaeffer's Garment Hotel?

    My girlfriend was walking around Hollywood and walked by this place. I've never heard of it, but she sent me photos and my interest is definitely piqued. Any SoCal Loungers know anything about this place? http://www.schaeffersgarmenthotel.com/ It seems to have a hat section with...
  13. Lexybeast

    FS Miller Milan 7 1/2

    I bought this hat, and it's just not me. Brand new. Check the link here: http://www.millerhats.com/milancd_index/straw1c.htm It's the Arlington in the natural colour, with the 2 1/4" brim. Looking for $75. Let me know!
  14. Lexybeast

    FS: PanamaBob/Fawcett panama 7 1/2

    Hey all, This is a Fino grade panama I got from Panama Bob and had blocked by Art. I'm selling because try as I might, I just can't get into panamas, and this deserves a person who will wear it a lot more! lol Selling for $150, and the hat is a 7 1/2 long oval. Brim is shy of 3". Located...
  15. Lexybeast

    British vegan men's dress shoes

    Any interest in these? I was trying out alternatives to leather clothing for a while, and picked these up. They're made by British shoemaker Sanders for a vegan store, VeganEssentials. Size is US 10D. Only worn a couple times. These aren't like normal funky vegan shoes. They actually...
  16. Lexybeast

    Put a date on this Stetson

    Hey all, I've had this for a while- won it on ebay last year for $65, and I've been wondering about its history. It's a great hat, and the one I usually reach for when I want a hat that's a bit more casual, tough, weatherproof, and all that. Anyone know about what year this hat is?
  17. Lexybeast

    Apollo 11 rebroadcast

    http://www.wechoosethemoon.org/ Anyone listening to this? For the Apollo 11 anniversary, this site is doing a real time rebroadcast of the original mission. Figured that would be of interest to Loungers. Moon landing in 93 hours, 20 minutes.
  18. Lexybeast


    Because of the grey flannel trousers thread, I've done a few searches, but it seems like there's no thread on here about trousers- fits, looks, materials, if they've changed over the years (like the growing armholes on jackets and shirts). So, what about it? Anyone have anything to share...
  19. Lexybeast

    French Officer's Great Coat

    Found this coat in a Philly surplus store for $15, dated 1967.
  20. Lexybeast

    hat stretcher sizing?

    Hey all, I've currently got a Hat Jack for stretching out my hats a bit, but I'm in the market for something a bit more robust. I'm liking the look of these: http://www.wardrobesupplies.com/store/m2_mjsupp.html I'm pretty sure that the two way stretcher will be fine for me, because my...

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