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  1. Erehwon

    Akubra Federation IV in Silverbelly

  2. Erehwon

    Petition for Akubra's Federation IV in Silverbelly

    Hello folks, I personally love the color 'silverbelly' from akubra. For example, this color comes with the campdraft. I love the Federation IV, too. Wouldn't it be nice to have this model with the color silverbelly? So, I made a little grafic of a photoshopped Fed IV in Silverbelly - more...
  3. Erehwon

    'Ealing poet' 100% Wool

    Hey Folks, Greetings from Germany. I wanted you to show some pictures of a 'Ealing poet' 100% Wool. Color: Moss. The hat comes open crowned. That's fine to me! Has the same dimensions like the Adventurer-Indy-Hat (fur felt). Fine hat so far. Catches hairs like hell, as you can see on the...
  4. Erehwon

    Classic Fedora, opencrowned, but not custom-made?

    Hi, I am searching for a hat, straight sided, non-tapered, classic look, would be the coolest delivered with opencrown. But this is not a "must". My favourite hat is the Fed IV, and I am looking for a hat like this (price, specs), only with less brim-width. I saw the Stetson "Nostalgia"...
  5. Erehwon

    German AdVintage: new hat without any color.

    Hi, I just wanted to show you the newest hat from AdVintage, a hat in the natural color from the beaver felt. Looks interesting, but I am really not sure, what color this is. The site describes the hat from grey to beige in different lights...
  6. Erehwon

    Differences between Akubra squatter and Akubra federation?

    Hello, can someone help me out? Are they both straight sided or does the squatter have more taper? regards
  7. Erehwon

    Possibility to reblock a Christy's Adventurer?

    Hello, I've got the questions, if it's possible for the hatters here in the forum to reblock a Christy's Adventurer. I love it so much, it's look just insane distressed, punshed, worn... But it also has got a lot of taper, especially in it's back. As far as I know, the felt is thin. It feels...
  8. Erehwon

    Introducing my adVintage.

    Hello, I used the search function, but I didn't really found much on "adVintage". So I want to show you a really nice hat. Yes, it's the Indy-Style (which I don't care much about), but it's also a very nice opencrowned fedora! I am often writing with the hatter, talking about blocking hats, a...
  9. Erehwon

    Trying to block a hat.

    Hi, I am interested in blocking a hat, my very own hat. I go to university, as you can imagine, my financial resources are not very much. I made a hat, which crease wasn't very good, but I liked the bow I made. My problem always was the brim. As far as i don't have any brimforms, I search...
  10. Erehwon

    Searching for someone to reblock my hat.

    Hi, my problem is, that hatblocks, if you find any 59 cm (7 3/8 inch) on ebay are much much expensive, whether they are dirty, old or new. I've got an Christys hat, which needs to be reblocked, but to block it by a hatter would cost more then the whole hat. I recognized, that not all of you...
  11. Erehwon

    Christys Adventurer "steel grey" - a difficult color?

    Hi, i just bought a Fedora in "steel grey". Now, i find it hard to combine this hat with any of my clothes, except from black. The grey of this fedora is a very special grey, most of my grey colthes doesn't fit. Anyone else with this problem? Are there more color tips? Thanks! :)

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