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  1. ngodbehere

    Thinking about taking the plunge

    Hi there all of you well dressed dapper folk! I’m coming to you all humbled and kind of nervous. More than anything I am excited. My garage is full to the brim with fine hats and many tools and I think it’s time I left my garage and let the public in on what I’ve been up to. More than anything...
  2. ngodbehere

    Down the rabbit hole

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to while I have some down time. I have decided that sleep is something I only occasionally do in between making hats and working a second job. I’m fortunate that an indoor market opened up down the road from me so I’m set up here for the...
  3. ngodbehere

    WTB 7 1/2 2 inch brim flange

    Hello everyone! I am in the midst of building a pork pie and am in dire need of the right flange if anyone has one laying around somewhere they aren’t using. I’d also be interested in seeing what other blocks and flanges you might have available as well. I’m currently needing to do an inventory...

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