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  1. Ordinary Guy

    FS: VS Black Cherry Hat 7 1/4

    This hat just doesn't get the amount of wear it deserves, so I've decided to thin the herd. It is the dress weight 100% beaver felt ($385 new). It would be a shame to have it just sitting on the shelf. The hat is size 7 1/4 and in mint condition. I'm asking $220.- Free USA shipping.This does...
  2. Ordinary Guy

    Gorgeous Borsalino for sale 7 1/4 (22 5/8 )

    Absolutely gorgeous Borsalino..... Blue Grey Luxurious felt , no bites or marks of any kind. So soft and light it is amazing.... If you have a vintage Borso, you know what I am talking about. 2 1/4 brim, 1 1/2 ribbon, 4 1/4 high from brim to top of bash.... It has an onion skin cover over the...
  3. Ordinary Guy

    VS Hat Boxes for sale

    Only used once , shipped to me....... $15 each........... PM me if interested
  4. Ordinary Guy

    Black Sheep fedora 7 1/4

    This is for a Beaver Black Sheep's model Goldfinch. 4 1/2 inch crown in front. with a 2 1/2 inch brim with binding. and a 2 inch ribbon. I just have too many hats at the moment and can't wear them all .... some are going up for a good home. this beauty is a heart breaker with extremely soft...
  5. Ordinary Guy


    This a 7 1/4 fit...... the original factory size label is still there behind the leather sweatband.... The V V L is Very Very Light weight felt.... and you already know how wonderful the normal Dobbs twenty felt is, this one is buttery soft. Brim 2 1/8, guild edge, Brim to top of bash in front...
  6. Ordinary Guy

    Panama Montecristi For Sale. **SOLD**

    I have just purchased two more hats and I have to make room, so I'm moving out some that haven't gotten much head time.... If you are interested in a Panama , I have a beaut up for sale..... It is a Montecristi Semi Calado and priced to sell.... A Tom Gomez custom hat with his sheep skin...
  7. Ordinary Guy

    Beautiful Panama, Tom gomez hat 7 1/4

    Get ready for spring and summer with this grand Panama made by Tom Gomez..... Great workmanship in this lid....... 2 1/2 inch brim, crown is 4 inches from brim to top of bash in front, 1 1/2 inch ribbon. Beautiful black leather sweatband with gold trim at the top...... Not...
  8. Ordinary Guy

    How to get rid of a water stain on the ribbon

    I spritzed the brim with distilled water to shape it just a bit and all went well but it seems I now have an outline of where the water was on the ribbon..... Is there anything I can do other then shipping it off to be cleaned ???
  9. Ordinary Guy

    Borsalino Extra Extra Superiore XXX 7 1/4

    Immaculate Borsalino with buttery soft felt, size 7 1/4. 2 1/4 brim with great stitching (check last picture ). 1 1/2 ribbon, 4" crown from brim to top of center dent bash, perfect liner. The following pictures were taken before shipping to Optimo for cleaning and blocking, it was just so...
  10. Ordinary Guy

    VS Pecan 7 1/4

    This hat is MINT, I just haven't been able to give it the head time it deserves........ 7 1/4 pecan VS in dress weight beaver, 2 3/4" finished brim, 4" crown from brim to top of bash in front, approximately 1 1/4" ribbon. Great ribbon treatment. $260 shipped in USA
  11. Ordinary Guy

    Blacksheep Hat Works 7 1/4

    Beautiful workmanship with very soft felt, mint condition........ The color of the felt is one of Bob's specialty dye jobs, so this is a one of a kind custom hat color. It is a very light grey with slight green tones....This should match up with just about anything you would like to wear it...
  12. Ordinary Guy

    Dobbs Twenty 7 1/8

    Dobbs Twenty Dark Charcoal Gray Felt Fedora size 7 1/8, Guild Edge. 1 3/4 Ribbon with wind trolley ,center dent 4 3/4 crown, 1 1/2 brim......supple leather sweatband with no cracks or marks,. No odors, marks, bites or nibbles that I can find....... Someone took lots of loving care of...
  13. Ordinary Guy

    Art Fawcett (Vintage Silhouettes) Hat Box

    I have three excellent VS Hat boxes for sale. No marks, odors etc etc Each one is exactly as received from Art... $39.95 each and I will ship free in USA ...
  14. Ordinary Guy

    ** SOLD ** Borsalino 7 1/4

    Excellent Dark Green Borsalino " PESCA" 7 1/4 2 1/4 brim, 4" from front brim to top of center dent bash, just a hair less than 2" ribbon. No bites or odors that I can find, very soft Borsalino felt. This hat was cleaned and blocked by Parker at Falcon Park Hattery..... I just have too...
  15. Ordinary Guy

    Charcoal Borsalino, 7 1/4

    This is a very light weight hat with very soft felt. You can shape it with one finger..... The actual color of the hat is darker than the pics show, a nice dark charcoal with black ribbon. 2 3/16 brim, 1 3/4 ribbon and the height of the crown from brim to top of bash in front is 4 "...
  16. Ordinary Guy

    *** SOLD ***Silver Mist VS

    A beautiful Silver Mist VS only worn about 6 times..... Inside circumference measures 22 5/8 LO....... Bound Brim 2 3/4, 4 1/4 crown from brim to top of bash.. Hat has beautiful purple liner...... Black ribbon with sharks gill bow.... in the bow are two navy blue sections which...
  17. Ordinary Guy

    A Perfect Milan Straw size 6 7/8

    Spring is here and although there still is snow flying, it is time to start thinking straw and if 6 7/8 is your size here is a perfect Richman Brothers milan in excellent shape.... With a neat pug and perfect leather sweatband. $20 plus shipping USA
  18. Ordinary Guy

    FS Black VS

    Black VS for sale. Inside measures 22 5/8 LO, 2 1/2" bound brim, 4 3/4 to top of crown in front with current bash. Great ribbon treatment. I have too many black hats and this guy isn't getting any head time. $260 shipped in the USA.....
  19. Ordinary Guy

    Silver Mist VS

    A beautiful Silver Mist VS only worn about 6 times..... Size 22 5/8 LO....... can be easily stretched or reblocked to 7 1/8 or 7 1/4...... Bound Brim 2 3/4, with beautiful purple liner...... Black ribbon with sharks gill bow.... in the bow are two navy blue sections which makes it a...
  20. Ordinary Guy

    For Sale Taupe Borsalino 7 1/4 SOLD

    Beautiful Taupe Borsalino size 7 1/4, brim 2 3/4 and crown is 4" from brim to top of center dent bash. This hat was professionally cleaned by a hatter and ready to be yours...... Liner clean, leather sweatband no cracks or marks.... no odors, pet free home..... $225...

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