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  1. frussell

    Interest in a big Aero Teamster?

    I’ve got a tough choice on my hands. I have a Teamster in FQHH that’s become too big for me. It was always too big in the shoulders, and I’ve lost a pile of weight, so I should probably pass it on. It’s labeled size 52, and when I ordered it, I was probably carrying about 300 lbs, at 6’5”...
  2. frussell

    Pendleton Big Board Shirt 4X Tall

    Going to put this on eBay in a day or two, thought I'd put it up here for my freezing big brethren first. New, with tags, Bronze Ombré Board Shirt. Paid $140, for the FL big boys, I'd take $85 plus shipping. I'll try to post a photo, color is darker than my iPad captured. Good photos online...
  3. frussell

    Dr. Martens Gram Brogue Boot 13/14

    Hey fellow bigfeet - I've really been impressed with these, I like the brogue styling, and they seem more substantially built than most modern Docs. No padded insole, more of a built-in like Iron Rangers or cowboy boots. Very little wear, I accidentally ordered these a size small, and...
  4. frussell

    Size 14 Red Wing Iron Rangers on eBay

    Feels a little weird to offer used shoes on the classifieds, but I've got these up on eBay, and I thought I'd give another bigfoot Lounger a chance to try these out. I've had them a few months, but only really wore them to work (indoors), or out to a restaurant. They are nicely broken in, but...
  5. frussell

    Pendleton Blazer w/action back, size 52 long

    I took a gamble on this one, but I'm really closer to a 54. This is a made in the USA, NOT assembled in Mexico from U.S. wool, two button Pendleton blazer. It's grey, with action back pleats and a half belt. No tears, stains, or odors I can detect. Hard to find Pendleton coats in big sizes...
  6. frussell


    I see my "returned as steer" Long Half Belt finally made the sale page at Aero. Apparently the earlier diagnosis of steer made by Ken and Holly through photos and weight has been changed, as it's being sold again as FQHH. Says it's heavy due to the amount of leather used, but my replacement...
  7. frussell

    Dialing Aero from the U.S.

    Trying to return a semi-cryptic phone message from Ken Calder about my replacement jacket, no combination of Aero's phone number seems to work for me. Could someone give me a quick run-down for dummies like me who rarely call out of the country? I called them once about two years ago when my...
  8. frussell

    Shipping Back to Aero from the U.S.

    Got an email from Holly today wanting me to send my steer/horse jacket back, as my replacement jacket is apparently getting started. Anybody have advice as to what service to use? I haven't been able to find anything so far that costs less than $200+, which seems pretty high. Holly requested...
  9. frussell

    Teamster v.s Long Half Belt Length?

    Without bothering Holly during this crunch period for Aero with little questions like this, I thought I would bother you folks instead. If anyone owns standard versions of both jackets, would you please comment on the difference in length between the two? I'm getting my steer LHB replaced with...
  10. frussell

    Long Half Belt vs Stockman/Teamster photos needed.

    Anybody own both the Stockman and Long Half Belt from Aero? I'd like to see photos of both worn by the same person. I'm in the long queue for a steerhide-to-horse replacement, and I'm on the fence whether I should get another Long Half Belt or go for a Stockman in FQHH instead. Somewhere...
  11. frussell

    Any big-footed Doc Marten's fans?

    Gone to eBay. I've got two pairs of Martens that are both size UK 13, US 14, both with very little wear. One is the Wallace style, cap toe, and the other is closer to the classic 1460. Both are brown. I wear a 14 in US sizes, and these are both a bit short on me, so I would estimate them...
  12. frussell

    Big Leather Coat

    I won this coat a while back and had it cleaned at L.A. Leather, haven't worn it but once briefly since. I just got an Aero, and my local weather makes it near impossible to get much wear out of two leather jackets. This is an "Ash of London," says XXXXL, but it fits very much like my 3XL Tall...
  13. frussell

    WTB - small fedora or western

    Got a baby boy coming in February, would like to get a real hat for when he gets a little bigger. I'm looking for clean hats in small sizes, anything between 6 and 6 3/4. I've got a few leads coming in, but thought I'd put out a feeler. I don't want to buy him one of those "kids" hats, and...
  14. frussell

    Huge Borsalino on eBay, advice needed.

    Hey Borsalino experts, there's a "vintage" Alessandria in a size 8 on eBay right now. I've owned one or two, but I'm not great at telling how old one is by the liner or sweat. The BIN is $250, but I don't know if it's worth the dough. I do know the seller is not accepting any offers under...
  15. frussell

    L.L. Bean Leather Jacket size 2XL

    This is a leather jacket I got over a decade ago from L.L. Bean. No tags that say so, but I believe it was made in the U.S., and it's a roomy 2XL. No tears, odors or issues, I didn't get to wear it much where I live. Nice lightweight but sturdy leather. Feels about half the weight of my U.S...
  16. frussell

    Bigfeet - Brand New Size 14 EE Justin Hybred Lacer Workboot

    Only tried these on, never wore them. These are a now discontinued (I was told by the store I bought them from) model of waterproof, really well-made workboots. Bay Apache leather, well insulated but breatheable, even have an extra layer of tougher material on the heel counter, which I was...
  17. frussell

    ASH London? eBay find

    Any of you knowledgeable folks ever heard of Ash (of) London? I recently got a huge, heavy leather jacket from eBay with that label. It needed a cleaning, and I still need to sew on a replacement button or two, but for what I paid, I like it a lot. Sort of a single breasted leather Pea Coat...
  18. frussell

    Big Men's Outerwear: Pendleton, Duster, Wool Vest, Military-Style Jacket

    Making some much needed room, and these items don't get worn much here in the desert. First up, a vintage, made in the U.S. Pendleton tweed coat, 100% wool, with leather Pendleton collar tab, size 56. This one could go western, or uptown dressy. $70 Next is a 60% cotton, 40% linen...
  19. frussell

    Reduced Brand New Heritage Campdraft in Silverbelly, size 63

    If you've kept up with the Heritage CD thread, you'll know that this hat turned out to be a slightly more Fawn-tinted "Silverbelly" than my previous Silverbelly CDs. It's a fine hat, nicer sweatband than the Imperial grades, and I've done no shaping or creasing at all. Will ship with all the...
  20. frussell

    U.S. Wings VIP Adventurer 3X-Long

    From their website, it looks like this model will be discontinued. I'm the second owner of this great jacket, and it's been well-treated. Soft cowhide, no issues at all. A few places with very minimal signs of wear, like the front edge of the storm flap. Non-smoking home, still smells like a...

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