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    Nightmare Alley (2021) David Starthairn's Character's Leather Jacket

    File this under "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?" I had seen the 2021 version of Nightmare Alley last year when it came out. However, upon re-watching it last night, I see a really cool jacket worn by the Character Pete played by David Starthairn. Most of the costumes are pretty well done in this...
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    Vintage Leather Jacket ID - SCANT Clues.........

    Okay, this is another jacket ID question for the Lounge. Background: I bought a jacket off of Etsy recently. It was listed as a 50s jacket but Sellers are routinely off on their dating. It has all Scovill hardware including Scovill's version of the diamond pull pocket zips. The Label is...
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    5* Leather - Vintage Jacket Repair Services....Hmmmmmmmm

    Having become preoccupied with dreaming up a potential custom jacket to order from Five Star, I neglected to notice that they also offer repair services for old/vintage jackets. I would assume that their rates are very reasonable such that if shipping isn't a killer, this could be a great way...
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    Need Help Identifying Mystery Highwayman Style Jacket

    The title of this thread is something I have posted before I believe. Apparently, I have an affinity for old Highwayman style jackets that don't have labels in them :rolleyes:. This is a fresh eBay grab. Looks to have seen some decent use as there is a hole in the liner and visible wear in...
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    VINTAGE 50s Windward Horsehide Highwayman Style Size 48

    For your consideration, offering this larger sized 50s Windward Horsehide sort of Highwayman style jacket. The original sizing tag present in the left hand warmer pocket is handwritten and appears to be a stated size 48 (the "4" is clear but the "8" is very faint) which is fairly rare for these...
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    Johnson Leathers Cafe Racer (Custom) Size 44/46

    For your consideration, offering this black Johnson Leathers Custom Cafe Racer. This jacket is in excellent condition save for one (or a few) flaw(s). It has a small cluster of pin holes in the leather on the upper left chest (above the chest pocket) from the previous owner who apparently...
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    50s/60s Vintage Horsehide Bomber Hybrid-Brown-Size 44

    Awesome Heavy Vintage Horsehide Jacket 50s/60s Size 44 Great look and Patina. This jacket has some Bomber look elements but is ALL HORSEHIDE leather----No Cloth cuffs or waistband. Highwayman style leather cuffs with 2 button trim. Brass Talon long pull main zipper fully intact and...
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    FS: 657 Cafe Racer-Black-Size 42 Long-Vintage

    Late 70s-early 80s Black Schott 657 Cafe Racer in very good condition (especially for a 39 year old jacket). Only very minimal edge wear on the front piping, the cuffs and the waistband in some places. The inner cuff liner on one sleeve has come loose a bit in a 1.5" section right at the cuff...
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    FS: Funky Cool Vintage Rancher-Size 46--Vintage 70s

    Offering this funky cool Vintage 70s Schott Rancher in Alabaster/Ivory-Tan colored heavy suede--hard to find "larger" size 46. I have never worn it. Very good vintage condition for its age. There is not much in the way of visible wear on the suede of this trucker design jacket. There...
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    FS: Rare Vintage Schott Cycle Rider-4 Pocket Cafe Racer - Black - Size 44

    Black Vintage Schott Cycle Rider 4-Pocket Cafe Racer in very good to excellent vintage condition--tagged size 44. There is no discernable edgewear on the leather of this jacket. There are maybe a handful (4-5 max) of faint, light surface markings that are the only signs of "wear" and you have...
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    FS: 141 Cafe Racer-Brown w/ Brass--Size 46

    Schott Brown 141 (Naked Cowhide) Cafe Racer in very good to excellent condition. I purchased this jacket from a consignment store a few years ago (I believe in 2015) for $500 and I have never worn it (other than trying it on when I first got it)---its just been stored in the closet this whole...
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    FS: Near Mint Vintage Brooks Gold Label Bomber - Camel - Size 46

    Vintage Brooks Gold Label Camel color Bomber with zip out liner - Size 46 This is a pristine Vintage Brooks Gold Label in a rare color combo. Other than a few tiny, superficial surface nicks (on top of collar crease and on left forearm--see pics) this jacket is in perfect vintage condition...
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    FS: Vintage Bates Highwayman - Black- Size 40

    Vintage Bates Black Highwayman size 40 This jacket has been sitting in proper storage for several years. Collar and Belt are both present and in very good shape. Talon brass hardware all around with aged patina. It's missing one Talon teardrop pull from the left chest diagonal pocket...
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    Cool Appalachian? Could be a Sears Fieldmaster? Size 40

    Here is another cool vintage jacket I saw listed in good shape for what I think is a decent price. Yes, this is another awesome jacket that is too small for me so I am passing the link on to the Lounge. Pretty sure its an Appalachian who it is said (by Terry Mitchell who I think knows these...
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    FS: Schott 627 Snap Front Cafe Racer in Pull Up Cowhide size Large

    Hello, For your consideration, I am selling this fairly unique Schott Cafe Racer. It is freshly listed on eBay and I would take 10% less than the eBay asking plus shipping ($20 to Continental U.S.) if sold within the Lounge. Offers encouraged. PayPal only. OR if purchased through the...
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    For Sale: Mint Older Johnson Leathers (M-200?) Size 40

    Submitted for your interest---Here is the eBay link to my listing for this Johnson Leathers jacket. Its in really near new condition and its a heavy, well made jacket from this historic San Francisco Leather Crafter. I believe it's an M-200 model predating the current Naked Cowhide models...
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    Captain Obvious' Genius Cheapo Hanger Hack for Jackets

    Here before you gentlemen, I offer you a peak inside the most genius invention this side of the ThighMaster: Boys, this is my secret, personally engineered, cheap guy hack for jacket hangers. Instead of patenting it and making millions so I can be wealthy, I say, "Screw that!!! I'm gonna share...
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    Taubers Horsehide in Northern California

    If you wear a size Small, live in or near Central California (not quite Northern but North of where I am....) and have some negotiating skills, you're welcome (and Damn you for getting all the cool jackets!!!!!:mad:) It was still there yesterday when I texted the owner. Yep...
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    Pecard Classic Leather Dressing vs. Pecard Antique Leather Dressing

    I have several jackets ranging from more fragile really dried out older leather from the 40s-50s to 70s-80s leather that really just needs to be cleaned and lightly conditioned. I am in the process of cleaning them all to prepare for conditioning. Due to the high praise and recommendations...
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    Mystery Jacket--Need Help Identifying

    After joining FL, reading countless posts here and enviously drooling over all of the members BEAUTIFUL jackets, I am finally posting a query as the FL is truly the only place I can turn to with this Jacket I cannot ID. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am attempting to post pics...

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