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    The Aviator

    Brett Spiner played the fellow who ran Consolidated; his distinctive voice and recognizable nose gave him away to me, but only barely. And I still think Blanchett did an adequate job of Hepburn -- a C for the voice (but give her credit for trying, it's not an easy one) but an A for...
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    The Aviator

    Splendid movie -- and chilling at the same time. DiCaprio's face is wider than Hughes'. In profile, he utterly is Howard Hughes. In other shots, he's "merely" stunningly close. Costuming, sets (the Coconut Grove!) and casting (Hepburn indeed) are far above the usual Hollywood...
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    Dressing vintage in the workplace

    For many parts of my work, a skirt would be immodest; I am more likely to be dressed like Rosie the Riveter on any given day! Tailored slacks, a nice blouse or (more often) sweater and low, practical shoes, most days; when there's something especially toilsome to be done, a flannel top...
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    40's or 40's inspired christmas music?

    A nice version of "Sleighride" (the traditional clip-clopping one, not the Raymond Scott tune) showed up on DirecTV's "Big Bands and Swing" audio channel this evening. It's from "The Most Fab. Christmas Album Ever," credited to Freddy Martin and Merv Griffin! If the rest of it is as good, it...
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    40's or 40's inspired christmas music?

    There ought to be albums of Chrustmas Swing to be found. Most of the singers who made the step (down, if you ask me!) from the Big Bands into more recent "good music" and/or jazz certainly made such albums, as did many of the bands. When I worked in radio (some stations were still spinning...
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    Of course, you're right, Kamikat, and the end result would be just what I was after. I haven't done any serious sewing in years, just mending and a little decorative embroidery. I am looking just a little quizzically at the teeny narrow hems on the store-bought versions -- it really has been...
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    PS to Lauren Henline, thinking of -- more chaste but no less fetching! -- glamorous photographs: A gentleman giving his name as "Mr. DeMille" telephoned and left a message for you, something about your new avatar photo and then he said the oddest thing, "She really is ready for her close-up."...
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    The colder months having come our way, I went searching for one of the season's humbler necessities, a fresh supply of nice hankies and found -- nothing! Oh, huge, coarse things intended for gentlemen are still around, but nothing for us. No monograms, floral embroidery, lace trim, or...
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    Best Classic Cars to Buy and Own

    I already own an MGB, my second one! Very fun to drive, but I must say that I didn't know very much about cars before buying that first one. It looked cool and the price was right, sooo.... After having owned it for six months, I knew quite a lot about how MGBs worked. It was...
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    Pish and tosh, UP196. If I did not work outside the home and around men, I would be shocked. Shocked! MK, I would certainly not accuse you of, er, unusual hobbies. No, I was merely implying that, as is generally typical of the male of the species, you might have just the slightest...
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    If I had to pick one girl from the golden era

    ...Ooooo. Cary Grant, mostly. (It depends upon which films I've seen recently, I'm so fickle!) I always wanted to be Lauren Bacall when I grew up. Then I never grew up, so I just had to be me instead. Matt Deckard, do you know how Emma Peel (another of my heroines) was named...
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    So true! I think two things started the trend: minis and jeans; once pantyhose (ugh!) were established as the norm, everything else followed, and we ended up with generally plainer, more form-fitting styles, the wilder of which are only suitable for very young physical-culture enthusiasts or...
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    The Aviator

    ...I'm just not sure any man can look as devastatingly handsome as Hughes did when he was young. There have been some really fine-looking actors but Howard Hughes was the real deal. Some of the photos from his Congrssional testimony about the Spuce Goose look more like stills from a film than...
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    Kamikat, MK's example seems a bit fancy but it is similar to items I've seen in Sears & Roebuck catalogs (a great source, when you can find them) of the time. Someone has probably assembled a stylebook from them in the manner of similar offerings for the 30s and 20s. There are a jillion...
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    New Coat/Style Advice From Mom

    Coat has arrived, looks wonderful and the fabric feels right, a very dark charcoal shade. The material is fairly lightweight but it's fully lined, has an internal button at the lap, it's a for-real, wearable daily coat. ...And the sizing is pure 1940s, which means I'm a 2X/14 instead of...
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    Hello, everyone

    ITG, you're a gem! That book goes on my wish list. (My fave cookbook right now is a Better Homes & Gardens looseleaf from the very early '50s. But it's falling apart). We still cooked very '40s (sans rationing, whew!) when I was growing up -- most things from scratch and without the modern...
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    retro make-up tips and tricks

    The Revlons are shiny, but blotting helps, as does a very light dusting of powder -- I usually blot excessively anyway; the way my days run, I just try to get a good, lasting stain instead of a movie-actress coat of lipcolor! I don't have a lot of chances to freshen up. "Revlon Red,"...
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    Nero Wolfe

    The clock does tick on, Wolf! Rex Stout (a local product, I mention with pride) did set Nero's adventures and orchid-growing in times roughly contemporary to when he wrote of them; so stories written in the '50s are set in the '50s and the televison production stuck with the originals. ...But...
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    Brawlin in the barn!!

    "...So the other night, Hubby took me to the fights -- and a basketball game broke out! It's gettin' so you just can't go anywhere..." It's a sad example of the contagious nature of incivility. A generation that scorned saying "thank you," "you're welcome" and "excuse me" as hyprocrisy...
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    retro make-up tips and tricks

    Oh, dear. Mother said I should have taken that bookkeeping class, but did I listen? Nooooo. Now I can't even figure out how to keep two sets of books! It really is research for you, business, after all. Will the IRS understand? Would anyone in Vegas cover that bet? With (my...

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