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  1. Flanderian

    Goodyear Weatherproof Clothing

    I believe I saw a date for this small catalog of 1921, but I can't find it again. As I suspect some know, Charles Macintosh developed the first widely practical rubberized clothing by impregnating cloth with rubber that had been dissolved in coal-tar naptha. Sometime later Goodyear Rubber...
  2. Flanderian


    Came upon this post in enjoyable blog Tweedland. Thought it might be of interest to some of the members - http://tweedlandthegentlemansclub.blogspot.com/2021/05/the-return-of-overalls.html
  3. Flanderian

    Golden Age Mini-Series

    With the forbearance of the moderators, and of fellow members, I’d like to add to the visual record of historic sartorial style. Variously defined more narrowly or more broadly, this epoch may well be typified by the styles and illustrations included in the Fedora Lounge thread and guide of...
  4. Flanderian

    Esquire’s Complete Golden Age Illustrations:

    What follows is my collection of Esquire magazine’s sartorial illustrations from what is often termed, their golden age. Esquire was an outgrowth of the earlier publication, Apparel Arts. Apparel Arts was begun in December 1931 as a Christmas edition. It was published by the Menswear Service...
  5. Flanderian

    The Fedora Lounge Guide to Esquire Men's Fashion, 1933-1948, By Flanderian

    We are grateful to member Flanderian for taking the time to scan and share his collection of Esquire illustrations. Over the years, Fedora Lounge members have turned to these images again and again for inspiration, education and dating of their own collections. Here is the full collection of...

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