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  1. jdbenson

    Three Vintage Safety Razors

    I'm gauging interest in three vintage safety razors. I really don't know if they're worth fixing up/keeping/selling or if I should just throw them away. First is a Gillette Super-Speed flare-bottom TTO. Based on the date markings (C1) I believe this dates from early 1957. Razor still...
  2. jdbenson

    1942 US Roughout Boots

    Not mine to sell, but they caught my eye: https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Army-Mens-tan-leather-Rough-Out-3-4-Boots-size-6-1-2-D-M9000/312593102773?hash=item48c80037b5:g:ZM0AAOSwC45cEdOa
  3. jdbenson

    Keep Your Face and Beard Warm this Winter

    With your very own Beard Beanie: http://www.etsy.com/shop/taraduff?ref=em
  4. jdbenson

    Fitness Training Help Needed

    On 12/1/10, I had surgery on my lower back...specifically, I had a Lower Lumbar Posterior Fusion between the L4 and L5 vertebrae. The disk between them had degenerated, and my L4 vertebra was sliding forward over the top of the L5, pinching the spinal column and causing me a world o' pain...
  5. jdbenson

    Pleat depth question

    I understand that pleats were more common in the past due to men actually wearing trousers at their natural waist. The waist is normally the slimmest point on a person, so if your trousers are sitting on your waist, they need to go out to fit over your hips before they go in. They need to...
  6. jdbenson

    Leather Jacket Relining Question

    I've got a A-2 that needs to be relined for the second time. It's a heavy steerhide jacket and the satin lining has just shredded over the last couple of years. The pockets need to be relined as well. I've got a place in town willing to reline the jacket for under $175, and I trust them as...
  7. jdbenson

    Stetson Whippet 7 1/4

    I was in a local vintage clothing store earlier today and noticed a mint condition Stetson Whippet, size 7 1/4 for sale. It's grey with a black hat ribbon, and grey brim binding. If any one is interested, PM me, and I'll be happy to pass along info, or even go get it and send it to you if...
  8. jdbenson

    Disney Fedora

    Did anybody here win the brown Disney Fedora that was on ebay? See auction #270211440016.
  9. jdbenson

    Crown Height

    While I was recuperating from a vicious cold I spent most of my waking hours watching old movies. I was in a Bogart mood, so I watched CASABLANCA, TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, and THE MALTESE FALCON…all fantastic hat movies. Bogie wears different fedoras in each of these films. In...
  10. jdbenson

    Stretching a hat - advice please....

    I'm currently seeking out a quality hat stretcher. I've been following a few on ebay, but most of what I see are sized 6 3/4. I wear a 7 3/8 long oval, or a 7 1/2. Will a hat stretcher that small do me any good? I measured accrosse the opening of my hats (front to back) at 8 1/2". Will...
  11. jdbenson

    Attn Cincinnati Folks

    I just back from a great little thrift shop in Reading OH (Just north of downtown Cincinnati), called "Talk of the Town." They had at least a dozen vintage hats, and at least half of them were in beautiful shape. Assorted Dobbs, Penney's, Borsolini, Stetsons and some other italian and...
  12. jdbenson

    It's arrived!

    The hat I scored off OFAS has arrived! It's this hat: item 110203265553. I have a question: The hat's ribbon is severely wrinkled and the corner of the bow is bent over. If you look at the pix you can see what I mean. I think it must've had another hat sitting on top of it for a couple...
  13. jdbenson

    I just won a Biltmore!

    I just won a Royal Biltmore on OFAS (Item #110203265553)! This is my first win, what do you think?
  14. jdbenson

    Advice for the Newbie

    Just wanted to formally say "hi" (since I've been lurking for a week or two), and ask for some advice. I recently decided that my wool felt pork pie needed to be replaced, and I've decided to go with a fedora. Since I live in Cincinnati, I will ultimately go to Gus Miller at Batsakes and...

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