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  1. fleet16b

    RAF Battledress from Spearhead Militaria

    Today I rec'd the Raf Battledress as seen on the S.H. website. Owing to the low cost of this product and many mixed reviews from a couple of years ago , I was not expecting much. However , I am ever surprised ! The Battledress is quite good > I will review in point form Purchased off Ebay...
  2. fleet16b

    RAF/RCAF Officers Uniform

    Looking to purhase a WW2 RCAF or RAF Officers tunic and pants approx 44 reg jacket and 32 waist 34 leg please p.m. me if you have anything Thanks
  3. fleet16b

    WTB RCAF Officers uniform

    Looking to purhase a WW2 RCAF or RAF Officers tunic and pants approx 44 reg jacket and 32 waist 34 leg please p.m. me if you have anything Thanks
  4. fleet16b

    ELC Irvin , original Sidcot suit etc getting some use

    Seeing as it was nice and warm and sunny (-8) here in Ontario Canada today, I decided to take the Fleet out for a spin.( I had not flown since Nov 11 and was experiencing some with-drawl symptoms) Got the aircraft out and did a good half hour preheat so that the oil was nice and warm prior to...
  5. fleet16b

    Breitling Aviators watch

    Offered for sale this 2009 Breitling Colt GMT+ Excellent condition run perfect Comes with it's original storage boxes and paperwork I bought the watch in Nassau for $3400 us but bought another model and now this one is for sale $2000.00 cn (firm
  6. fleet16b

    Amelia movie : Flying Jacket

    FYI Item number: 160537535891
  7. fleet16b

    Amelia Earhart Leather Jacket from the biopic "Amelia"

    As seen on EBay #160537535891, replica jacket made by Belstaff for the biopic "Amelia" starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. Made using her original as a pattern.
  8. fleet16b

    Movie Memorabilia Dealers

    Hi Everyone Having worked on a couple of Hollywood Productions recently, I have some clothing items that I would like to put up for auction. Can anyone recommend a reputable auction house that deals in movie memorabilia ? Thanks in advanced fleet6b (Cam)
  9. fleet16b

    Replica RAF Irvin Sheepskin

    Hi Guys I have an Irvin jacket replica for sale. The jacket is two years old but was only worn one winter while flying my vintage biplane. However, it was too bulky for my cockpit so I have decided to sell it. The jacket is made by What Price Glory and are sold by them for $350 us. I am...
  10. fleet16b

    " Amelia " movie Flight Jacket

    Hi Everyone As some of the members know, I was the Aerial Coordinater and Aviation Consultant for the "Amelia" movie. Also as the Amelia flying double, exact copies of Amelia Earharts flight jacket were made for Hilary Swank and myself. These were custom made by Belstaff Leather. At this...
  11. fleet16b

    Vintage Flight Suits

    This may be a subject for the "WW2 section,????? Anyway besides leather Flight Jackets , I collect RAF/RACAF Flight suits. I am wondering if others here do the same and would love to see pics of what people have and their comments about them In relation to this, are there any repro SidCot...
  12. fleet16b

    I was born in the wrong era !

    Me in my 1940 Fleet Finch 16R biplane. We both have minor roles in the upcoming movie " Amelia"
  13. fleet16b

    My well worn ELC Roughwear 1401 A2 Jacket

    This pic could have been taken during the 1940's but in actual fact is only 2 weeks ago. I am sitting in my 1940 Fleet Finch 16R wearing my ELC A2 and my vintage helmet and goggles My buddy took the shot when I was not looking , then played around with his photoshop a bit. The early style...
  14. fleet16b

    Well worn ELC 1401 Roughwear A2

    Here is a pic of me at the Niagara Falls Airshow 2009 wearing my 2003 ELC Roughwear 1401 A2. I now have over 500 + flight hours on the jacket and she's really worn but still going strong. With me is Fern Villaneuve. He is an inductee in the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. Fern is the original...
  15. fleet16b

    Amelia Earhart clothing line ?

    I am sure that most people are aware that A.E. had her own luggage line. However, she also had a clothing line. Both the luggae and closed were apparently designed by her or she a least had input into the designs.While working on the upcoming movie "Amelia" the waredrobe people asked me if I...
  16. fleet16b

    Belstaff jacket appraisal

    Hello As stated on other areas of this forum , I was the Canadian Aerial Coordinadter for the Amelia Earhart movie coming out next year. One of my other duties was to be the Flying double for the star of the movie. The Prod. Company hired Belstaff to recreate all of the leather flying...

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