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    Hat Negligence

    "A passenger on the elevated road in this city placed his hat on a vacant seat beside him in the car, where it was crushed by a conductor sitting upon it. The officials of the road decided that the passenger was guilty of contributory negligence, and refused to supply a new hat in place of the...
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    Got snow?

    After last nights latest snow storm this has been the fifth highest level of snowfall in recorded history (about 130 years) here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Oh yeah...it's snowing again. Anybody need some snow? Aaron
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    Your opinion

    This is a sample of a hat we are working on and would like your opinion about the styling and color. I don't want to give too many details other than it's a fur felt, 4" crown, 2 1/2" brim. The first is light grey and the second tan/beige. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I want an honest...
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    Tilley story

    Here's a news story and interview with Alex Tilley. Thought some of you would find it interesting. Aaron
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    Hat Blog

    I've finally gone and done it. I'm officially a blogger. Check out Aaron's Hat Blog for the latest and greatest on hats. The layout and design are quite simple right now but considering it went live only yesterday we're happy with it. Keep checking back as we continue to work the style and add...
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    It's a NEW ERA

    Aaron Hats is proud to announce we are now offering New Era caps. We have chosen to kick off our New Era collection by offering the 2007 Major League Baseball Batting Practice cap for all 30 MLB teams. This piece of performance headwear has vapor management, superior drying, shrink resistant and...
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    Hat repair & hat care accessories

    Aaron Hats offers a wide range of products for the do-it-yourself hat repairer as well as products for proper hat care. Here's a partial list: Hat brushes Hat Jack Brim cutter Felt hat stiffener Foam hat sponges Orange hat sponges Leather sweatbands For a complete list of hat repair...
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    $39 fur felt fedoras

    We're doing some Spring cleaning around the store and need to clear out some hats. Sizes and quantities are limited so don't wait to order. These are both fur felt fedoras that normally retail for $70 and $75. They are Chinese imports but a great starter hat...
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    $48 fur felt fedoras

    While supplies last: A fur felt fedora with a very soft brim. Made in Italy. Being sold below wholesale cost. Bailey Safari in Olive
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    Another Biltmore article

    Here's the latest newspaper article about Biltmore. http://www.state-journal.com/news/article/1570541
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    reVamp magazine article

    FYI, In the Feb.07 issue of Fortune Small Business on page 40 there's a nice little article about reVamp, www.revampvintage.com. Just thought you'd like to know. Aaron
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    Big savings on mens and ladies hats

    In the next week or two we'll start receiving new hats for the Spring/Summer season. For this reason, we need to make some room so we've marked down a lot of different hats from fedoras and western hats to ladies winter hats. Check out these drastic reductions at Aaron Hats. Let me know if I...
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    Aaron Hats/Classic Style in the news

    Bartenders, feel free to move this to the Merchants section if it's not appropriate here. --------------------------- We spend a lot of time and effort marketing ourselves and hats in general and every once in a while a nice freebie comes along. This is a story from our local paper. Hats...
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    $10-45 off fur felt hats

    Last minute Christmas sale. A great selection of fur felt dress and western hats are on sale for only a few days. Check out the assortment at Aaron Hats today. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Aaron
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    Hats in the news...a lot.

    Hats seem to be in the news a lot lately. Here are some links to these stories. Hats making a comeback, themonitor.com Stratton Hats founder passes away, heraldtribune.com Another "hats on the comeback", qctimes.com Bollman stays competitive, Philadelphia Inquirer Hope you enjoy...
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    Stetson's finest western

    I thought some of you may enjoy seeing the details of Stetson's finest western, the 1000X Diamante. It was purchased by a member of the Lounge who has been most patient waiting for the hat. I'll let him provide the story of the long wait if he decides he wants to make himself known. The...
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    Las Vegas MAGIC

    We might be going to the MAGIC Apparel/Accessories show held in Las Vegas. We're hoping to scope out some new hat brands and maybe add some fine mens accessories. Has anybody gone before? I hear it's a huge show, any tips? Anybody planning on going in February? Aaron
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    Mad Bombers are in!

    Despite the warehouse fire Mad Bomber had about a month ago we managed to get our hands on a few hats. We have limited styles and sizes so don't wait to order. Check out Mad Bomber Hats at Aaron Hats today. Be sure to mention your FL name when ordering for the appropriate discount.
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    And the Oscar goes to...

    not me. But if you'd like another view into Aaron Hats we just filmed our latest tv commercial this week. You can view it at http://www.getahaton.com/news.php. You'll need Quicktime to view it. Cheers.
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    A few pics from today

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the pics Jeremy posted of Hats Plus and Art's and John's workshops so I thought I'd do the same and post a few pics from the store taken today. It's a long walk to the back: Another angle: A full Tilley rack with fedoras in the background: Our Kangol...

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