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  1. ideaguy

    stetson one hundred

    price for a vintage one hundred?
  2. ideaguy

    Dr. Max- went up to the attic-and found a few hats hiding away...a Shuddie Bros.,Houston number...

    Dr. Max- went up to the attic-and found a few hats hiding away...a Shuddie Bros.,Houston number in ivory-my size (7 3/8), a nice Borsalino in dark Caramel Brown-an Art Fawcett...and a few more; also have a vintage leather mailbag- from back in the day...pretty darn nice,looks splendid- give me a...
  3. ideaguy

    Red and Black Filson Packer Coat 4 sale

    yup-what he said. I've been very lucky through the years-managed to land some GREAT Filsons... and vintage Filson can't be beat-construction,wearability,looks...keep your coat!
  4. ideaguy

    TWEEDFEST 2018 PART III! Sz. 38-48: Vintage, Brookstweed", Harris Tweed, Bespoke, Cashmere, Zegna, +

    not fair. not fair by a long shot...terrific jacket-wrong size; one great mess o'threads. in the wrong,wrong size...grrrrr
  5. ideaguy

    Royal Stetson Back Bow 7-3/8, Unique Crown Ribbon

    so- I looked at the photos of the hat alone, and thought,mmm , not bad... then I saw you sportin' the lid...looks terrific on you/you look great in it- if'n I was you- I'd keep it! and wear it!
  6. ideaguy

    Lost Worlds Suburban Size 44 Black Goat Skin Excellent

    wow...that was quick. my lust for fine leathers must go on...and on and on... wicked nice, and my size. grrrr
  7. ideaguy

    Dobbs One Hundred

    thanks very much-I will consider it sold;please message me back for address,etc. M
  8. ideaguy

    Dobbs One Hundred

    hello out there- haven't been on the Lounge in some time-things are looking great! I am ready to part with a Dobbs One Hundred-in the original box...size is 71/2, color is a very light tan, hat is in great condition; will try and post photos as soon as tomorrow-if I can navigate how to get them...
  9. ideaguy

    Selling everything in my entire collection ...

    guys at the post office must have fainted dead away when you came in with over 100 boxes of hats...
  10. ideaguy

    Modern Stetson "High Crown" Excellent Quality Whippet Phantom Grey 7 3/8

    very nice work- I'm a day short and a dollar late, again...there's always that lump of coal in my Christmas stocking...
  11. ideaguy

    Pre-Owned - Art Fawcett & Northwest Fedoras For Sale: Great condition

    love the look of #5...great flecked affect-will have to see if Santa comes early round here... pinching pennies to afford many goodies for my sweetheart;
  12. ideaguy

    A gorgeous 7 3/8 SAVANNAH by Blach Sheep Hats

    nice hat, late again...
  13. ideaguy

    Vintage Stetson Whippet size 7 1/2

    and to think I had a pair of Whippets in 3/8LO...traded them for some beans...(not really beans, but did trade the pair for something pretty cool) can't swallow the price on the Bay last week, proves money is no object for some folks;
  14. ideaguy

    Vintage Stetson Whippet size 7 1/2

    oh man....
  15. ideaguy

    FS: Penman LC Sahara Fedora in Beaver

    killer hat! once again, not my size....
  16. ideaguy

    Stetson No. 1 Quality Dress Hat FS --->A BEATER<----- $25 shipped

    like to see some before and after photos-
  17. ideaguy


    I used to have a pair of Tiffany glasses frames...

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