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    WTB Aero Café Racer 42

    Hi everyone, looking to buy an Aero café racer in size 42. I’ve been trying to find the perfect CR for some time now but Vanson and Schott aren’t working for me. I’m interested specifically in the Aero CR with the action back movement as I like that style for riding. If anyone has one they would...
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    Aero Wool and Horsehide Jacket Sz 40

    Here are the fit pics, for reference I’m 5’10” and 195lbs. My shoulders (21”) and waist (34”) have become a little too broad for it now. Hope that helps.
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    Aero Wool and Horsehide Jacket Sz 40

    Hey everyone, I’ve got this old Aero wool and horsehide jacket for sale. I picked it up a year ago from a seller in Paris, selling it now because I’ve ordered a new modified one from Thurston. The leather is FQHH, just recently broken in. The wool is navy blue Melton as far as I can tell. It...
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    Taubers of California Cafe Racer 40

    Sold! Thanks everyone for your interest.
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    Taubers of California Cafe Racer 40

    Hi everyone, I have a Taubers café racer jacket for sale. Picked it up a few months ago but recently decided to trim down my jackets. This Taubers is in great condition with no holes or stitches anywhere. The grain is starting to show on the back (which I believe is cowhide since there is no...
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    Eastman ELMC Black Horsehide CALIFORNIAN Leather Jacket

    Can you post pics and measurements of the walnut Californian? I’d be interested in that
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    For Sale: Junkard MTO Black Split-Toe Boots EU 42 New in Box

    Available now are unworn, brand new in box, Junkard Cordon split-toe boots. First commissioned and ordered in August for $300 USD and delivered on October 7. No damages, no wear, still in customs packaging. Comes with all original contents and materials, which include a large dustbag, two extra...
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    Thedi Hercules dark brown horsehide size 40 barely worn

    Was this custom? Shoulders and pit seem narrow for a 40. If it was an inch bigger I’d take it off your hands.
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    Aero / Vanson / Schott / Excelled - JPK's Closet Cleanout Sale! 40-44

    Is the excelled still open? I’ll take it!

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