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  1. ideaguy

    stetson one hundred

    price for a vintage one hundred?
  2. ideaguy

    Dobbs One Hundred

    hello out there- haven't been on the Lounge in some time-things are looking great! I am ready to part with a Dobbs One Hundred-in the original box...size is 71/2, color is a very light tan, hat is in great condition; will try and post photos as soon as tomorrow-if I can navigate how to get them...
  3. ideaguy

    Stetson 100

    hello out there- I've got a Stetson One Hundred for sale on eBay... simply check under "ideaguy"; hat is in fine used shape, and is 7 1/2 too big for me...
  4. ideaguy

    does anyone have a 7 3/8 hat for sale?

    lost in a world of leather jackets, ideaguy stumped;
  5. ideaguy

    fine Panama body...needs the works done;

    I happened upon a large (7 1/2) Panama body some time ago, in excellent shape, but that's the problem- nothing wrong with the body, but would like to have it blocked for wear by me. The color is a nicely aged ivory, now looking like a rich,comfortable hat; the straw (?) is very loose/supple...
  6. ideaguy

    Vintage US Mail bags-in leather, with straps

    I've got a few US Mail bags for sale-all in good to terrific condition; these babies are listed for lots of $$ on eBay, but I'm not on eBay, I'm here... trying to round up photos, please PM me for some shots of the bags; you won't be sorry...:D
  7. ideaguy

    Today show segment on hats 7/8/14

    Hey there: The TODAY show did a long-ish segment on the resurgence of hats this am; centered on one hatter in Manhattan who brought a hattery back to life, and is selling a ton of hats; said the most popular style is "Indiana Jones"; works well for a lot of us, and the footage of women...
  8. ideaguy

    Vintage leather US MAIL BAGS

    Have a few US Mail bags, in leather, like the kind the old-timers used to lug around... email me for photos- adhoc.ideaguy@gmail.com ideaguy (and not always good ones)
  9. ideaguy

    Leather Vintage US Post Office mailbag

    hello all- I have a pretty large leather mailbag on eBay-look for "ideaguy" this monster is 24" wide, and still in good enough shape to tote 40lbs of potatos in; they used to call it "The Backbreaker" with good reason-look at the photos-I can do better for Lounge members...
  10. ideaguy

    Dobb's "Fifty Cattleman" FS on eBay

    Have a terrific 50X Dobbs up on the 'bay; condition is superb, smooooth felt, western Fedora styling, is marked 7 3/8 L/O, and will fit a 7 1/2 easily...really nice hat, pretty darn rare. If any questions, email me at adhoc.ideaguy@gmail.com thanks folks M
  11. ideaguy

    Tan open road - 7 3/8 l/o perfect for sale

    Before I have to put it on eBay, thought I'd offer up a 7 3/8 Stetson Open Road, in tan, in perfect condition; felt is perfect, clean, no issues, ribbon, edge binding, sweatband are perfect, liner sparkles; I simply don't ever wear it-has been in a box for at least 3 years, protected with...
  12. ideaguy

    Wanted- 7 1/2 borsa or equivalent

    Wanted to buy (or trade for one of mine) 7 1/2 or 7 3/8 L/O Borsalino or hat of equal quality-soft, dense felt, rather on the thin side than thick felt, Grey is preferred...thin ribbon OK, up to 1 1/2" OK, too. Have a couple of vintage Borsa's that I simply never wear- 7 3/8 Allessandria in...
  13. ideaguy

    Gotta Stetson Homburg in 6 7/8- terrific condition...

    Just acquired a Royal DeLuxe Stetson Homburg, in Med. Chocolate Brown, with 1 3/4" "coppery" ribbon, rolled edge binding, super condition- perfect LADIE'S hat!!! (or great for those with small size needs)-liner, sweat, all is fine as can be- photos will be sent to anyone interested- felt is in...
  14. ideaguy

    Wanted to buy-summer weight felt 7 1/2

    Morning, all- I am in need of a very lightweight summer felt fedora, size 7 1/2 or 7 3/8 L/O; lighter color is better, and don't mind if there's a few minor problems, style is more important than perfection. Champ Featherweight or equivalent; a nice thin Borsalino would be dandy... if anyone...
  15. ideaguy

    Resistol 50X for sale...

    I've got a bone-colored Resistol 50X Western Fedora for sale-size is 7 3/8-was 7 1/4 had it stretched. Smooooth fine felt, great lines, no problems; has a trace of the old cattlemans' crease on the crown-but you have to look hard to see it. Super-fine hat. Photos on request- before I send it...
  16. ideaguy

    2 STETSONS on eBay

    Howdy folks- just put a pair of Stetsons up on the bay; Stetson Playboy 7 1/2, old & superb- and a Stetson Nutria Quality 7 3/8 in excellent condition; both are rich caramel brown, and the Nutria has an especially fine contrasting ribbon/edge binding. I'm selling some of my favorites to...
  17. ideaguy

    Resistol beaver one hundred for sale

    Resistol Beaver One Hundred for sale, size 7 1/2, undyed felt (is a bone color), silky smooth felt-better than Stetson's 100 IMO; no issues with felt, ribbon, edge binding-inside liner has some light foxing but in there tight, and sweatband has a 1 1/2 inch repair just done to it, so entire...
  18. ideaguy

    snow hat

    snow hat wanted- Borsalino or like quality, buttery soft felt, classic lines- 7 3/8 L/O, or 7 1/2; must be able to withstand BLIZZARD conditions, 24" + of snow; will be worn indoors-watching the storm...
  19. ideaguy

    Stetson One-Hundred beater...

    Whilst perusing the offerings on eBay today, I stopped in my tracks-looked twice, and sure enough, there's a rather beat-up moth-bitten well-worn Stetson One Hundred on the block. The Grail of hats actually living a life outside the box!! Really was delighted to see this in light of prices...
  20. ideaguy

    Filson 201 Jacket

    I'm looking to buy a Filson #201 wool jacket- in L/XL; there's one listed on eBay now, I've got the twin brother, but gave it to my wife to wear as a beater (grrrr) because it's just a tad tight on me-just enough to pull and bind at the wrong places. Super jacket, vintage-not sure how...

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