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    Schott 689H size 44 missing buckles asking 200

    This is a beautiful horse hide Schott jacket, 689H size 44. I picked up this jacket a while ago and it just doesn't fit. I think I'm probably a 40 in Schott sizes, despite what their online guide told me.... It's in great shape except for some reason the previous owner cut the buckles off the...
  2. J

    Schott 689H too big. How bad is it? suggestions?

    I just picked up a beautiful Schott 689H for 120 euros. Problem is it's one size too big. At least. Shoulders feel almost right but it's quite a bit too big everywhere else, which makes it comfortable to wear actually. By the way, this is the size the Schott website suggests when I put my info...
  3. J

    For Trade, Schott 689 Horsehair size 44 for 42

    Just picked up a beautiful Schott jacket which was, seemingly, very lightly used by the previous owner. They did, for whatever reason, cut off the two small belts for the back, so it's not 100% original. You wouldn't notice if you didn't know they should be there. It's slightly too big for me so...

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