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  1. tmitchell59

    1977 Red Wing Pecos-Size 8.5 D?-Bought New!

    Yes, I know they are from 1997 because I bought them new. My wife had a pair and she insisted I have a pair. Well, I can't wear any type of "Cowboy Boot" with my instep. So, they have just gathered dust. I think the 85 D means 8.5? I wear a 9/9.5 today. Very little wear. $90 shipped in...
  2. tmitchell59

    1960s Sears Oakbrook Steerhide jacket-Size 42

    I have owned several of this style through the years. This style originally posted in the 1959 Sears catalog. These jackets were made by Appalachian Tanned and Tailored and sold with their label and the Sears Oakbrook and Fieldmaster labels. They mostly had this pile lining, but other...
  3. tmitchell59

    1940s Sears Hercules Wool Jacket-On the Waterfront style

    Excellent condition Price: $235 shipped in CONUS Picture album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kV7FCuyPU8nGLYj5A
  4. tmitchell59

    1960s Sears Oakbrook Suede-Mint with original tags-size 42

    Pictures/videos really tell the tale. Mint condition with original tags. This style is also seen with the Hercules label. This Oakbrook edition is from the early mid 60s and made by California Sportswear Company. Picture album with measurements https://photos.app.goo.gl/tRLuUHVj2pXt8TNg6...
  5. tmitchell59

    Fall Jacket line up coming Soon: Wool, Leather, Used/Vintage

    Now that jacket weather has arrived I am pulling jackets from closets all over the house to present for your viewing/purchasing pleasure. Used/vintage and all in between will be offered: Horsehide, steerhide, Deerskin, Elk, Capeskin, suede Cross zips, straight zips, Motorcycle, Police...
  6. tmitchell59

    1940s Hercules Aviator-Horsehide-Size 38

    This horse is too small for me so riding out the Stable. A bit of a preview. I'm working on the details. early 1940s Aviator Style.
  7. tmitchell59

    1960 Horsehide Taubers Pullover/Racing Shirt-Size38

    This one is in near mint condition with some separation of the lining at the neck and a tear in the lining interior. Even in this condition this will be a tough sell. Many folks don't think they can "pull off" the look, just too much I guess. Others have made leather pull overs going back...
  8. tmitchell59

    1960s Montgomery Ward-Brent-Cafe Racer: Big! 46/48

    I always like to find and offer up a larger sized jacket. This guy is at least a 46 and too big for me. I know vintage jackets are tough to find larger than a 44. You can call this jacket Rare and be accurate! This is the only Wards labeled Cafe Racer style jacket I have seen. Very much...
  9. tmitchell59

    Langlitz Steerhide Cafe Racer-1982-Size 38

    I've never owned a Langlitz jacket and don't even know the model name. I bought it knowing it would not fit, just too cool to pass and I wanted to have one in hand. This jacket does not disappoint, quality all the way. In the large world of Cafe Racers this one stands out. The leather and...
  10. tmitchell59

    Three Vintage on The Way

    Just finishing up pictures, now working on some videos. These 3 will soon grace these pages. I will put each in a thread over the next day or so. I know it is not "jacket weather", but here is your chance to get ahead of the weather and be prepared. Brent-Montgomery Ward- Cafe racer (only...
  11. tmitchell59

    California Sportswear Motorcycle Jackets

    Organizing my collection.
  12. tmitchell59

    Taubers of California

    "If one was going to build a collection of a specific maker of vintage jackets, I think Taubers would be one of the most interesting brands to pursue" The quote is from another thread. Taubers are the first jackets I stared collecting after a tip from a long gone member here. From there I...
  13. tmitchell59

    1940s Horsehide Aviator jacket-size 40/42

    Another non-fitting jacket from my collection. This is a most interesting 1940s Aviator style jacket. It has no labels, but I am calling it light weight horsehide. I've handled 100s of vintage jackets and this is my assessment. It is in the size 40/42 size. I'm 5'9" 190 pounds and I can zip...
  14. tmitchell59

    1940s Pony hide half-belt

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/304517768429?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=qwq2X50PT7y&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=qwq2X50PT7y&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Contact me here if interested
  15. tmitchell59

    Two Vintage Goatskins on ebay

  16. tmitchell59

    Choice Vintage jackets coming soon....30s/40s Horsehide, Goat, sizes 38-44

    Choice Vintage jackets are coming up. 30s Goatskin Aviator size 38-excellent 40s Black Horsehide half-belt, size 40 40s Sportclad Motorcycle jacket-size 38/40
  17. tmitchell59

    Goodwear Pancho Barnes-one off size 44-shinki horsehide

    This is a one of a kind jacket by John Chapman of Goodwear leather. It was commissioned to celebrate Pancho Barnes history in aviation. John told me he would never make another as it was just too much work. It is made of Shinki horsehide, marked size 44. Pancho Barnes...
  18. tmitchell59

    Woolrich Wool Half-belt-Tradition look and fit in size 40

    I collect vintage Wool half-belts which are exceedingly difficult to find. This Woolrich has all the look of the 1940s jackets, but not the weight. Perfect for Spring time weather. Outside of Japan I can only think of two makers for this style of Wool jacket. Even new ones are difficult to...
  19. tmitchell59

    Two Suede Californian Truckers

    Could not pass up this California Sportswear trucker. CSC is always a cut above. This jacket is not exception. Lots of truckers out there, good-bad-ugly-cheap-especially the Suede. They were the thing in the early 70s. I Graduated High School in 1970. I doubt I could have afforded this...
  20. tmitchell59

    Wool/Leather Combo half-belt-Size 42/44

    Had this a few years and don't wear it. No label or otherwise identified. I strongly believe was made in Japan. Has the nice repro Waldes zipper seen on other Japanese reproductions. Absolutely no issues, basically like new. Pictures tell the tale better than me. Additional pics here...

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