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  1. Jejupe

    WTB: Lost Worlds size 44 or 46

    Make me an offer, preferably with pics and measurements!
  2. Jejupe

    FS: Cockpit USA R.A.F sheepskin bomber jacket sz. 50

    For sale is my Irvine style sheepskin bomber. While not historically correct, this one is way more practical than repros thanks to handwarmer pockets and large YKK zipper. Good to excellent condition. I am selling this only because it has become couple of sizes too big for me after weight loss...
  3. Jejupe

    FS: Aero A-2 sz. 50 brown oilpull

    Nice condition, worn lightly. Oilpull shows some minor scratches as is the nature of this leather. I am not sure if this horse or cowhide, but nice leather anyway. Zip works and lining is as good as new. Asking $ 550 shipped P2P 27” Hem above knit max. 24 Sleeve straight down to ens of knit...
  4. Jejupe

    FS: Aero Teamster sz. 46 brown tumbled Horween FQHH

    I bought this one new couple of years ago, but wore it only once or twice. It’s practically new and needs to be broken in. Brown Alpaca lining in body and brown cotton drill for sleeves. Asking USD 700 shipped. P2P 26,75” Hem 25,25” Sleeve straight down 27” Shoulder 20,5” Back 30”
  5. Jejupe

    FS: Eastman Californian sz. 46

    For sale is my Eastman Californian in American brown walnut horsehide. Size 46. Bought new and worn only handful of times due to size issues. https://www.elmc.co/jackets/550-californian-american-walnut.html Asking USD 850 shipped P2P 24,5” Hem 22,5” Sleeve straight down 26” Shoulder 20” Back...
  6. Jejupe

    <<SOLD>>Aero Trucker sz 48

    Fully broken in black FQHH Aero trainee jacket. nice grain and brown(ish) undertone is already showing through here and there. Black cotton drill lining. P2P 25” Hem 22,5” Sleeve 25” Back 26” Shoulder 21” Asking € / $ 450 shipped
  7. Jejupe

    Cooper goatskin A-2 sz XXL

    Clean, no tears, zip works P2P 28,5” Hem 23” Sleeve 26,5” Back 27,5” Shoulder 23” Asking € or $ 150 shipped
  8. Jejupe

    Fs: Brooks cafe racer size 48(?)

    For sale heavily used Brooks. No tears in leather or lining, all zips work. Zip in liner missing. I had this jacket cleaned and washed by a leather care professional (cost me € 50), so it’s clean without any of that old dirty leather jacket smell. P2P 25,5” Hem 23” Sleeve 27” Back 26,5”...
  9. Jejupe

    Vanson Comet sz 48

    Thurston bros version with nickel zips and two way main zip Black comp weight. Only worn inside couple times. Asking €450 shipped world wide P2P 25,5” Hem 22,5” Sleeve straight 26” Shoulder 21” Back 27,5”
  10. Jejupe

    For sale Himel Bros. x Orvis Transcontinental sz L (about size 44)

    For sale rare Orvis x Himel collaboration. 1 out of 75 made. Read more here: https://www.heddels.com/2016/09/himel-bros-x-orvis-transcontinental-railroad-leather-jacket/ Asking € 990 shipped world wide P2P 23,5” Hem 24” Sleeve straight 26” Shoulder 20” Back 29,5”
  11. Jejupe

    FS: Schott P623H sz. XXL Burgundy Horween horsehide 1 of only 80 made

    For sale is my beautiful and rare Schott which I bought new few years ago. Schott made only 80 of these with wonderful heavy Horween hh. If you want one in XXL, this is your chance! Not fully broken in yet, but already showing some nice graining as you can see in the photos. No flaws, asking €...
  12. Jejupe

    For sale Vanson Ike, rare brown hh size xl

    For sale a rare horsehide Vanson. Vanson made a small run of these for Orvis. In good condition, show some signs of wear, but is far from broken in yet. Asking € 600 shipped world wide! P2P 26” Hem 25” (adjusters open) Sleeve 27” Back 27” Shoulder 22”
  13. Jejupe

    For sale Aero Type 3 sz 44

    Made of beatifull black Vicenza hh. Lined with troy blanket. Bought new in 2020, only tried on, no signs on wear so NWOT. New from Aero € 960 + shipping etc. This one € 600 shipped world wide, so almost half price for a brand new jacket! P2P 23,5” Hem 21,5” Sleeve 25” Back 25” Shoulder 20”
  14. Jejupe

    For sale Good Wear B-6 sz 46

    For sale is my rare gem: a B6 I picked up from John Chapman of Goodwear in person 2020. Worn once outside, so still in good as new condition. As most of you know, you will probably not see another one these coming up for sale and ordering a new one will put you in waitlist for somewhere between...
  15. Jejupe

    For sale Lost Worlds A2 sz 44

    Bought new in 2020 directly from Lost Worlds, never worn, new condition. New one costs $ 1550. http://www.lostworldsinc.com/A-2_Flight_Jacket.html Lost worlds built this one with their lightest russet horsehide (maybe 2,5 oz?) which is very different from their heavy stuff! P2P 23,5” Hem 22”...
  16. Jejupe

    For sale Eastman .50 cal B3 sz 48

    Bought new 2019, worn twice, so practically NWOT. New from Eastman would cost £ 1299,99 (about € 1550) in UK. https://www.eastmanleather.com/50cal-collection/185-type-b-3-50cal.html Asking € 990 shipped world wide! P2P 27” Sleeve 27” Hem 25” (adjustable, this is widest adjustment) Back 29”...
  17. Jejupe

    Simmons Bilt trucker sz 46 clayton hh

    Lightly used, beatiful grainy vintage brown clayton hh, lined with brown cotton drill. € 500 shipped world wide P2P 24” Sleeve 27,5” Shoulder 20” Back 28”
  18. Jejupe

    FS: Lost Worlds California Highway Patrol size 48

    For sale is my LW California Highway patrol size 48 in black horsehide. LW flight satin lining in body and sleeves with fur lining in cuffs. Good condition with no visible flaws. All zips work, no stains and no holes in the lining. I don't have a belt for this jacket. Measurements: Chest: 67...
  19. Jejupe

    FS: Aero Grizzly cowhair panels sz 46

    For sale is my size 46 Aero Grizzly. It's made with Brown Horween CXL horsehide with cowhair panels and Alpaca lining. Usually these are made with mouton panels, so this is some what rare, and in my opnion cooler! All zips work, Slight signs of wear but still far from broken in. Please note...
  20. Jejupe

    FS: Schott Duke XXL unlined rough out jacket

    For sale is my Schott Duke size XXL, which I bought new directly from Schott about a year ago. This one I have worn only for one day. Since then it has been sitting on closet. So it is practically unworn. Check details from Schott's page...

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