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  1. tonyb

    Dan Hermann

    I have it on good authority that Dan Hermann shuffled off, suddenly and unexpectedly, while vacationing in England. We never met in the “real world,” but stayed in fairly regular contact online. I liked him quite well, as did many others. He’ll be missed.
  2. tonyb

    “Golden Era” modernists

    It was brought to my attention that Piet Mondrian, he of the primary colors and block forms and rigid right angles, was born on this date, March 7, in 1872. He died in New York City in 1944. His early work was much more figurative — paintings depicting windmills in his native land, bucolic...
  3. tonyb

    Vintage posters and other paper ephemera

    It’s a safe bet that I’m not the only one here with a weakness for old paper advertising and the like that has somehow survived far longer than it was expected to. I’m generally less concerned with subject matter than artistic merit. And I’m also not hung up on condition. Indeed, I often...
  4. tonyb

    Vintage lamps/light fixtures

    Just ask anyone working in any visual medium: lighting has a HUGE effect on the look of any scene, any piece of art, anything we gaze upon. Among the first tips any decorator deserving of the title will impart is to have multiple light sources — high, low, and in between. I’ve acquired several...
  5. tonyb


    Anyone here collect Hazel-Atlas glass tableware? I’m interested in the pastel colored dishes, but I hesitate to spend much without first chatting with a person or two who has actually used it on a fairly regular basis. How resistant to breakage? Dishwasher safe? Etc.
  6. tonyb

    Deco/moderne bus stations

    Every settlement of more than a few thousand souls had a bus depot, way back when.
  7. tonyb

    Woolworth’s, Bakersfield

    Anyone here been to the antique mall in what used to be a Woolworth’s store in Bakersfield? I haven’t, but I’ll make a point of it next time I get within a hundred miles. It boasts its original lunch counter, still in operation, and still much as it was back in the day. Some call it ’50s...
  8. tonyb

    That old thrift store aroma

    What is that smell? And how would you describe it? Musty, of course, but it’s something not quite that. This comes to mind because another old Life magazine arrived in today’s mail. Its aroma, somehow acquired somewhere along its 59 years of life, transports me back to the old St. Vincent de...
  9. tonyb

    Draft card

    Look what came in today’s mail. It’s my grandfather’s draft notice. The particulars, which I’d rather not share with the world, are on the reverse. My dear old ma has, in recent years, been sending me old family mementos — photos, mostly. She suspects, I think, that I am the likeliest among...
  10. tonyb

    Larry McMurtry

  11. tonyb

    WWII Casket Flag dimensions

    Standard size for a U.S. flag to be draped over a casket is now 5’ by 9.5’, or 60” by 114”. Are WWII casket flags of the same size? And, is (or was) it that such flags had no grommets, seeing how they were meant to be properly folded and presented to the deceased’s nearest survivor? According...
  12. tonyb

    Help ID’ing a car, please

    In today’s mail was an envelope containing three old photos, including this image of my grandfather, wearing his hat cocked atop his head, as was his habit. Anyone here able to ID the model of the car, going on what little of its interior features we see here? He was partial to FoMoCo products...
  13. tonyb


    Just yesterday I refreshed my memory of the Love Israel Family, a “cult” of some local fame/infamy in Seattle. The Family numbered roughly 300 (some estimates say as many as 500) at its height, in the early 1970s. Remnants of it exist still, mostly in the northeastern part of Washington state...
  14. tonyb


    I’m of two minds. A close copy of a “classic” or “iconic” (I wish I could come up with a better word) piece of furniture or item of attire or wristwatch or whatever *is* a sort of theft. But then, the price of the “authentic” or “licensed” item is often such that people of modest means plainly...
  15. tonyb

    Electrolux vacuum

    Anyone here (59Lark, maybe?) have an informed opinion on the practicality of a vintage Electrolux canister vacuum for regular domestic use in 2020? I’m considering purchasing one of those bullet-shaped deco/moderne jobs, because the look real cool and because, being canister-type vacuums...
  16. tonyb

    “Smart” phones

  17. tonyb

    B-17 crash outside Hartford

    I’m mildly surprised that no one else (of whom I’m aware) has posted the news of the B-17 that crashed yesterday after taking off from BDL, killing seven of the 13 people aboard. I’ll leave it to those better versed on such matters to weigh in on the wisdom of using these old warplanes for the...
  18. tonyb

    Summertime then and now ...

    A voice coming over the car radio this morning informed me that many of the school districts in the region commence classes tomorrow, August 12. August 12? Really? The forecast is for clear skies and temperatures in the 90s every day this week. Do we really expect the kids to sit still for the...
  19. tonyb

    David Ortiz

    i don’t have much of any real insight to say on the shooting of David Ortiz, but I feel it ought not go without mention here.
  20. tonyb

    Vintage things that have REAPPEARED in your lifetime?

    We have threads here devoted to vintage things that have disappeared in our lifetimes and vintage things that haven't disappeared. But how about things that came back? It would be a shorter list than either of the other two, I'd think, but every now and again I see reproduced or resurrected...

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