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  1. zeus36

    Account suspended at Club Obi Wan - Indygear forum?

    I received a webpage popup on several different browsers that my account had been suspended. I tried to email the webmaster, but the email is rejected. I don't really know anyone's contact outside of COW.... I had not posted in a year, revisited the forum a week ago and made a few posts...
  2. zeus36

    Crippling of Windows Vista due to content protection?

    http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html Looks at some of the inner workings of Vista and how certain media will be crippled with decreased playback quality and blocking of non-HDCP High Definition signals.
  3. zeus36

    Jame Dean Double Bash Fedora?

    I shot this pic of a pic at the Monterrey Aquarium. There is a display that that is an old 50's cafe with vintage photos on the wall. The reason I took it was the rear bash on James Dean's fedora. Anyone seen this double bashing before? [/IMG]
  4. zeus36

    Unable to attend the QM Summit :(

    Sorry friends but I just got the word that I am shipping out to Scotland this Wednesday, Nov 09 on a Marine Corps C-130. I'm a military contractor and will be out of the country until Christmas. If any of you are near Inverness or Elgin, send me a PM. I'm taking a laptop and a desktop PC...
  5. zeus36

    Ladies fashion predictions for 2005

    Looks good, although the article is 8 months old. Maybe we'll see an influence in the men's wear: http://www.collegian.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/01/20/41ef4da79d69f
  6. zeus36

    Need help finding a thread on a vintage group

    I remember seeing a thread on Fedora Lounge a few months ago about a group of younger gentlemen in either the Netherlands or Denmark or Sweden or one of the Nordic countries who were very serious vintage dressers and drivers of vintage autos. They had a website with a ton of photos, but I lost...
  7. zeus36

    Need suggestions on breakfast in L.A.

    My gal's coming in to LAX Friday (tomorrow) morning early; she wants to kick around the town for a bit and I'd like to take her to a nice breakfast place with some atmosphere. Any suggestions?
  8. zeus36

    So what's in a correct shaving kit

    I think "toothpowder" was common. My grandfather had some in a red oval can (maybe Pepsident?) and I used it as I preferred the taste over tooth pastes of today. I now use baking soda. Either a straight razor or double edged razor should be in the kit. I've seen travel kits with nail...
  9. zeus36

    Original Military Jacket Manufacturers Table

    Just found a list of original jacket manufacturers on one of the flight gear forums. Looks like some very good info: http://members.chello.nl/fhens/Makers.htm Don't know if that has been posted before, but I'd copy the table and save it for future reference.... enjoy!
  10. zeus36

    A bit of suit and clothing history

    FYI: http://www.billrushing.org/id17.html
  11. zeus36

    WWII Pilot Boots RAF 1936 Repos

    Ok, see a lot about flyer's jackets.... how about some boots? Here is a link to a custom maker's website. Lots of other style boots too ! On the pricey side but, hey you only live once. :) http://www.motorcowboy.com/category/wwiipilotboots/
  12. zeus36

    Cleaning Tips for your Vintage Clothes

    Just found this site while looking for some leather care info. I have to disagree with their recommendation of mink oil for leather jackets, however. I would never use mink oil on any leather. Several websites recommend bee oil and say mink oil is a no-no. But lots of good info on general...
  13. zeus36

    NIB Detachable Collars

    Guys, just picked up three of these new in the wax paper packages from a nice gentleman (potential lounge member) while I was in Albuquerque. They're Van Heusen style 99 made in England by Harding Tilton & Hartley LTD. out of Egyptian cotton, size 17. I wear a 16 shirt collar, but wear...
  14. zeus36

    1928 Clothes from "Being There" with Peter Sellers

    Just saw the movie again and the noticed the suit Peter Sellers' character wears is supposed to be from 1928 by a tailor in New York. A very unique Sellers movie.
  15. zeus36

    Vintage clothes in "Barb Wire" with Pamela Anderson

    I was checking out the 1996 movie over the weekend since Pam Anderson was in it, and noticed that one of the bad guys she takes out is dressed in 1940's clothes. He's sitting in the hotel lobby reading a newspaper when she comes in to capture a bounty. He wears a fedora, white shirt, high...
  16. zeus36

    Wow, Fedoras in International Male Catalog !

    Most of the clothes look pretty "fancy-fied" and for a younger crowd, but they have several fedoras and hats in the latest issue: http://www.internationalmale.com/product.asp?product=sk36zz&dept%5Fid=10860&An=101&A=&Au=RollupKey Here is one of their pinstripe suits...
  17. zeus36

    Any good hat blocking shops in LA?

    I'm in Ventura County, just north of LA county. Wanted to take a trip into Los Angeles or the vicinity and get my hat re-blocked. Anyone got some ideas? There has to be some old-time small shops down there with all the equipment. I know I could send it in to one of the folks mentioned on this...

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