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  1. Sockeye

    Fit pic help

    Hello folks, I posted this in my leather trucker thread, but I’m looking for some feedback. I pulled the trigger on a Vance and maverick, I chose a size down but now I’m wondering if it’s a little too snug appearing. I can button it with a T-shirt, just barely though. Thinking about going to...
  2. Sockeye

    Leather trucker jacket opinions?

    I’m thinking about either a Vanson Maverick or Aero type III trucker in Vancouver leather. Experience? Opinions?
  3. Sockeye

    Aero Highwayman 40 brown Steerhide

    For sale is my Aero brown steerhide Highwayman, size 40. measurements are: P2P: 23.25 Shoulders: 18.5 Back: 25.25 Sleeve: 25.5 with a soft tape measure down the outside of the sleeve. Just starting to break in. Great condition. Lining is great, one inside pocket. $650 and I’ll handle...
  4. Sockeye

    LTB Aero Dustbowl/30’s half belt 44

    My size 42 Aero CXL 30’s half belt has grown a bit snug over the years. I am looking to buy an arrow dustbowl or 30s half belt style in a size 44. I am open to trades. Thanks
  5. Sockeye

    Winter leather

    I’m thinking of a winter jacket from Aero. Likely a long half belt, or half belt deluxe in goatskin and shearling lined. Can anyone comment on their experiences with either of these styles? Differences?
  6. Sockeye

    Soul Revolver leather Jacket 42-44

    For sale is my Italian leather jacket I purchased new from soul revolver. https://www.soulrevolver.com/mens-leather-jackets/mens-vintage-style-leather-jackets/lynch The style is the Lynch size XXL (don’t let the sizing scare you!). Super soft with fine grain. I take a size 42-44 men’s regular...
  7. Sockeye

    Aero Teamster FQHH size 40

    For sale is my aero teamster size 40 in brown front quarter horse hide that I purchased new from Thurston Brothers. It is moderately broken and I would say. It has corduroy lining in the body, moleskin lining in the sleeves and pockets. One left sided inside chest pocket. The back was modified...
  8. Sockeye

    New Aero...something different

    Contemplating the next Aero. I have a black Highwayman, two Teamsters in Brown FQHH and Sean Vicenza, and a beautifully broken in brown FQHH 30's half belt. I'd like the next one to be something different. thinking of a Wayfarer or Bootlegger, in Cordovan Steer or FQHH. Experience with...
  9. Sockeye

    Contrast stitching thoughts

    I’ve always Gone for Green OD stitching on all my jackets and have liked it. This time I’m contemplating an Aero dustbowl in a dark Seal or blackened brown and I’m thinking about a more stark contrast, with a cream colored stitching. The dustbowl has lots of seams on which it is sure to stand...
  10. Sockeye

    Aero 42 cafe racer + 2 others

    for sale is my black steerhide size 42 cafe racer listed on eBay below...
  11. Sockeye

    LTB Aero half belt, maxwell or highwayman

    Im sniffing around for an Aero 30s half belt or Maxwell size 40, or highwayman or 50s half belt size 38. Thanks
  12. Sockeye

    Aero board racer with collar?

    Anybody out there with some photos of an Aero board racer with a collar from a highwayman (as with the Sheene)?
  13. Sockeye

    2 for 1 Vanson + cafe racer

    I have 2 jackets I'm selling as a pair for $550 + shipping CONUS: #1 Vanson Enfield in Octagon Horsehide, size 44 Bought from a fellow lounger for $500 (new it's about $750 I believe), it runs true to size at a 44. I've worn it on two hour long rides, but is by no means broken in. Leather is...
  14. Sockeye

    Aero battered steer

    I love Aero's steer, and am intrigued by what little pics I've been able to find (not much) of their battered steer. Anybody have a good pic of it, or know how it compares to either Aero's battered horse or tumbled FQHH?
  15. Sockeye

    Shearling question

    Has anyone had shearling in a button up heavy leather jacket? I'm contemplating an Aero teamster with shearling and am soliciting advice from the crowd.
  16. Sockeye

    Aero August?

    I'm thinking about an Aero August. Anyone have one or know how the fit compares to a premier half belt?
  17. Sockeye

    To throat latch, or not to throat latch?

    Any thoughts on throat latches? Behind collar or at top of zip? Buttons or poppers? Style or true function (do you actually use it?).
  18. Sockeye

    Handed down a leather jacket?

    My 9 year old loves my Aero and Vanson's jackets. I like the idea of handing down them to him. I would have loved an awesome leather in high school or college, so I ask the masses... Have any of you bestowed a nice leather jacket to your child, or have been gifted one from your...
  19. Sockeye

    Anyone with a corduroy lined jacket?

    Anyone with a corduroy lined jacket? Your thoughts on comfort, usable temperatures?
  20. Sockeye

    LTB Aero brown FQHH or steer size 40 or 42

    Keeping my eyes out for any brown or cordovan FQHH or steer. For reference a size 40 highwayman from Aero fits me spot on. If you're thinking of moving something on, keep me in mind.

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