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  1. Delthayre

    An Inquiry Regarding John McMicking of L&H Hats

    Well into a thread about Bowlers, Brad Bowers posted the address of Mister John McMicking of L&H HATS of Dundas, Ontario, in response to his being alluded to by Jamespowers. Mister McMicking was described as able to make proper Cambridge Bowlers, which are a kind of formal bowler with straight...
  2. Delthayre

    Mallory Homburg

    A little more than a month ago my father returned from visiting the relations in Schuylkill county with, among other things, a fur felt homburg hat that had belonged to my late uncle Bruce. My peculiar interests have always found their way quickly through the family, so it occurred to my aunt...
  3. Delthayre

    An Inquiry Regarding Presently Available Bowler Hats

    I wish to purchase as a surprise gift for a dear friend of mine, who will be graduating from college very soon, a new bowler, but am unsure as to which make I should purchase. A vintage one would, of course, be ideal, but given that my friend is a size 7 5/8, and I mean this to be a graduation...

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