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  1. mooglesrcute

    Fair warning for you Ebayers - Avoid seller a..fast...shipper

    I considered putting this under the official Ebay thread, but I did not want this information buried in a dense thread On April 17th I purchased a vintage Borsalino on ebay from a seller named a..fast...shipper. I have seen other hats posted by this user, judging from this fellow's auctions...
  2. mooglesrcute

    Scrap Scarves like Johnny Depp

    I really like the scarves that Johnny Depp wears, looks mostly like cool pieces of scrap material. Haven't been able to find anything around where I live, wondering if anyone had any online sites or advice on where to look. He also seems to usually have a bandana variant hanging from his...
  3. mooglesrcute

    Johnny Depp's brown fedora

    It's been two years since my last purchase, and I've been saving my pennies. This is the next hat I would like to get, Johnny's Brown fedora. Now I've read that it's a Borsalino, is that true? 1. Is it a vintage or current Borsalino? 2. If it's something current, what is the make/model...
  4. mooglesrcute

    What is the name for this type of hat?

    I know this is a basic question, but I've yet to find the answer. sorry tried to attach a photo, couldn't get it to work, here is a link...
  5. mooglesrcute

    Periodic Sweatband cleaning

    Hi, My search didn't yield the specific answer I sought, so hopefully I won't antagonize anyone ;) I recently took the plunge and bought an art fawcett VS! It's great, but I'm wondering what you'd recommend for periodic cleaning of the sweatband? The hat is still fairly new, so the whole...

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