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  1. Guardian Enzo

    WTB: Sub-Fino or Fino Montecristi

    Im looking for a "lived in" Panama. Nothing billionaire quality or anything as this is going to be an everyday hat, but I would like to do a Montecristi this time - my Panamas have all been Cuenca (or Colombia) and I just want the Llano experience this time. I like my chances of finding...
  2. Guardian Enzo

    Aero Bootlegger in Black Tumbled FQHH

    So I finally broke down and bought my first Aero. I wavered for a long time between various options - used, custom - but finally settled on a tumbled FQHH stock jacket from Aero directly. Holly gave me a great deal and the measurements looked spot-on, so I figured what the hell - risk it for a...
  3. Guardian Enzo

    WTB: Aero Bootlegger (40 or 42)

    Hello, All. From the "no harm in asking" corner, I'm on the lookout for a Bootlegger in 40 or 42 (or possibly 38, if the measurements work). I'm pretty flexible on the leather, color, even condition within reason. This will be my first Aero and while I'm not absolutely limiting myself to the...
  4. Guardian Enzo

    Norshor A-2 Doniger - Cowhide

    Another new one - this is an "experimental" David D. Doniger stand-collar A-2 in veg-tanned cowhide from Mark at Norshor. It's not custom (though unworn) but I think the fit is really good - it has a couple of anachronous features from other contracts so isn't 100% spec to the historical...
  5. Guardian Enzo

    Albert Richard Horsehide Half Belt Revisited

    So, I snagged that 40's Albert Richard from Mr. Mitchell. It's obviously in pretty amazing shape for a 70-ish year-old jacket, and the cut is really something (as you can see). It's special, no doubt about it. My only concern, honestly, is the fit - I'm worried it might be a bit snug around...
  6. Guardian Enzo

    WTB: Aero Highwayman or Half Belt

    Well, after years of salivating over beautiful Aero jackets I think I'm finally ready to plunge in and buy my first. A new one is right out for me, price-wise, so I'm hoping to find one through the Lounge network. My preference would be for a Highwayman but I'd certainly look at a Half Belt...
  7. Guardian Enzo

    WTB: Fedora Lounge Starter Set

    Hello, all. I'm pretty new here as you can see. I'm a lifelong hat lover, but just now starting to want to graduate to the quality stuff. As it happens I'm also currently limited in my financial wherewithal, and living in Tokyo where half the Ebayers won't ship at all, and most of the rest...
  8. Guardian Enzo

    Panama Bob's $25 Cuenca

    Hello, all - newbie question here. I'm sure Bob's stellar reputation here is well-earned, but does anyone have experience specifically with the $25 Cuenca? I'm just wondering if it's really possible to get a decent quality Panama for that price, no matter who from. It's apparently available in...

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