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  1. Duck

    Stingy Brim Day at Buckaroo Hatters

    Went to see the Major this weekend, and ended up getting me one of his "stingy brims". :D:D
  2. Duck

    100X Beaver Custom

    There were a few of us at Buckaroo Hatters last weekend (Rusty, Luke and myself) to work on hats or just hang out. There was going to be more people, but life gets in the way sometimes. Well the Major had some hat bodies picked out for the people that attended to make their own hats! I stated...
  3. Duck

    Harbor Freight Stretcher!!

    Picked up one of these today to give it a try, and dang....it works GREAT!! :eusa_clap I am going back to the store and getting some more, just to keep some hats from shrinking. Also, they are $6.99 in the store, so print the internet add and take it in with you. They will honor the...
  4. Duck

    Hirsch Stratoliner Clone

    I have a very nice thin ribbon, Stratoliner clone for sale. No size tag, but appears to be a 7 1/4 LO. Custom Hirsch Stratoliner Clone Thanks Duck
  5. Duck

    Panama Surprise!!!!!!!

    Yesterday I went with the wife shopping at Tuesday Mornings :( , which I think is about as much fun as a broke crutch. While enduring the pain of aimless wandering through the store, I spied some hat boxes. I thought what the heck, I need a travel case anyway. So I pick up one and open it. To my...
  6. Duck

    Millard Hirsch Hat

    Does anyone know anything about the hatter Millard Hirsch? Looks like another OR clone, but I liked the hat. When I got the hat, the shape was different than my ORs, but close. The brim is a little swoopy looking. I cleaned it and it is drying now, so fresh pics will be a little later...
  7. Duck

    Help on U.K. shoe sizes?????

    I need help on figuring out U.K. shoe sizes. I am looking on Ebay U.K. and I notice there is no widths listed. [huh] Also, the same U.K. size will have different Eur sizes. :eusa_doh: I wear a 13 b or c, but I can not figure out which size U.K. would be the best fit. Any help is welcomed!!!!!!!!1
  8. Duck

    Help me pick a bash

    I received this Resistol cowboy hat today and I am going to convert it to a fedora. The hat appears brand new, open crown, and never bashed. It is a 6" open crown very straight sided with a 4" brim. I plan on cutting the brim down to 2 3/4" and keeping the thin ribbon for now. These are the...
  9. Duck

    Help!!!! Need some opinions!

    What does everyone think about this suit combo? I have never bought a Jos A. Banks suit, so I have no idea of the quality, but I love the color combos of this suit. http://www.josbank.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=15898&pcount=&Product_Id=407725
  10. Duck

    New Warm Weather Felt Hat

    Here are some pics of my latest find. It was listed as a cowboy hat, but it is unlike any cowboy hat I have ever seen. It appears to be unworn. The sweat and liner say The Boot Store Nicholasville, KY. The sweat also says XXXXX Fur Felt. The hat has a 4.75 inch crown, with a 3" raw edge brim. It...
  11. Duck

    A.E. Last Numbers

    Which numbers inside AEs are the last numbers? I have tried to figure it out, but none match up.[huh]
  12. Duck

    (New) Stetson

    Here is a vintage Stetson that I just purchased. Anyone know what model it is? Or the age of the hat? I will post some better pics when it arrives.
  13. Duck

    Campaign Hat Project

    Here is my campaign hat project I just finished. The hat is a old Stetson XXX with a bound brim. I bought the hat to make a Span-Am style campaign hat and to cut down the brim, but the hat is in such good shape I couldn't bring myself to cut the brim. Because the brim is a little wide, I used a...
  14. Duck

    If we could only find new A.E. for this price!

    Those were the days!!!!!!
  15. Duck

    "New" Allen Edmonds

    I just received these and boy are they comfortable. The model is Seville and they are a fully woven upper. Looks like a great summer shoe. They are at my cobbler getting half soles and heels.
  16. Duck

    What model Stetson Hat is this?

    I bought this Stetson Cowboy hat real cheap to work-over as a fedora, but now that I have it: I Can't Do It!!!!! The hat is just like an Open Road, but it has a 3 1/2" bound brim. The brim is a thin snap brim, just like the Open Roads I have. The logo on the liner is a cowboy watering his...
  17. Duck

    My New Marathon

    Got my new Penny's Marathon today! Wow, this hat is brand new and looks like it was never worn. It even came with the box. I have no idea of the date of the hat, as there was no price tag. If someone can help me date it, that would be great!! The brim is 2 3/8", the crown is 4 7/8", and the...
  18. Duck

    Where to get hat ribbon?

    Where does everyone get their hat ribbon? I have tried the local fabric store ribbon and I do not like the results. It is too thick and does not conform to the hat.
  19. Duck

    "new" Florsheim 2-tones

    I just got these today. The tan is a little more orange than I really like, but the price was great and the fit is excellent. Are these considered spectators? Please excuse my newbe shoe questions.
  20. Duck

    Fell Top Coat

    I won this coat today and I hope it is as nice as the pics look. I think I got a deal on it. It was listed as a Fell Harris Tweed Heavy Wool Overcoat.Can anyone help date this coat? I have not heard of the brand before, but I thought someone here might be able to help.

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