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  1. The Wolf

    ruined 1940s uniform

    I opened a box from storage that held my father's uniform and the jacket is in awful shape and the shirt looked okay until I held it up to see moth holes.:eusa_doh: The Wolf
  2. The Wolf

    Would you want a remake of something you like to fix mistakes?

    Period films tend to have some anachronisms. Many have been pointed out on this forum. Sometimes we'll let it slip by like Indiana Jones' bag from 1941 that he carried in the 1930s. I loved "Tales of the Gold Monkey" when it was on tv but I wouldn't mind a remake. Were they to do it, Jake's...
  3. The Wolf

    The World of Nat King Cole CD/DVD

    I just got "The World of Nat King Cole" documentary. It doesn't have the booklet included. Does anyone else own this and would they be able to tell me what is in the booklet. I've only listened to the CD (27 songs!) so far but I look forward to watching the docu. Sincerely, The Wolf
  4. The Wolf

    The thirties in the seventies

    Back in the 1970s the 1930s had become popular again. Backs of magazines had ads for posters of Laurel and Hardy, Bogart and others, T-shirts with W.C Fields were sold, a cigarette company used Chaplin in its print ads and I bought a paperdoll book by Tom Tierney called Thirty from the 30's...
  5. The Wolf

    FDR might not have had polio

    There is a theory that that President Roosevelt had Guillain-Barre Syndrome instead of polio. http://io9.com/5958933/franklin-delano-roosevelt-probably-didnt-have-polio-after-all Sincerely, The Wolf
  6. The Wolf

    putting my tapes on DVD

    Back when I had TCM and AMC showed classic American movies I would tape things I couldn't find on VHS. A lot of it was from my favorite year of 1946. My tapes have been relegated to the garage for quite some time and I realized I should put them on DVD before they degraded more. I recalled the...
  7. The Wolf

    Free disc for serial lovers

    I have a disc with "Shadow of the Eagle" (with John Wayne) on one side and "The Phantom Creeps" (with Bela Lugosi) on the other side. I just bought a set of serials and it included these but I already have them. They are in a nondescript sleeve. Let me know who is interested. Sincerely...
  8. The Wolf

    Eve Arden

    First off here is an excellent article about Arden from our own Elizabeth McLeod: http://www.radiospirits.com/email/eve_arden_article040612.asp?pcode=N04NC002&source=rsnews040612 My wife had heard people reference an "Eve Arden role" so many times that she thought the actress' name was Eve...
  9. The Wolf

    The Casebook of Gregory Hood

    Every once in a while people ask for recommendations of old time radio shows so I thought I would write about one of my favorites. I came across "The Casebook of Gregory Hood" simply because my favorite year is 1946. The show started on the Mutual network in June of 1946 and was a spin-off of...
  10. The Wolf

    When eyewitnesses to the golden age aren't the best references

    I was talking with mom about George Reeves and I mentioned it was a shame that he got type-cast after Superman. She remembered seeing Gone With the Wind came out and people in the theater laughed when Reeves came on screen because of him being Superman. She verified that it was 1939 that she saw...
  11. The Wolf

    Need ideas of iPad for the golden age enthusiast

    My wife gave me an iPad for our anniversary. I've already downloaded some radio shows and solitaire. My wife laughs because with our first computer I would play solitaire and listen to old time radio, with new technology I do what I would do in the 1930s. :) I've found some old movies and...
  12. The Wolf

    black leather purse just pay shipping

    My wife got a purse of the internet but has an asthma attack when she opens it. I don't know if it is perfume or mildew. Looks clean. It is 8 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 3 inches. The tag inside says "nylon stitched Meeker Joplin Mo" Made of genuine steerhide. Uploaded with...
  13. The Wolf

    VHS of Saving Private Ryan for free

    I have a two cassette "special limited edition" of Saving Private Ryan that I am willing to give to a good home. If you have any questions let me know. Sincerely, The Wolf
  14. The Wolf

    I don't get a Gildersleeve actor reference

    Some of you might know that I'm nuts about 1946. Since I've collected movies, radio shows, cartoons, etc. from that time period it helps me get some of the references in the media. For instance I just bought some Jack Benny shows. In one they make a joke about "Oh really?", "No, O"Riley"...
  15. The Wolf

    Does anyone else get Spam mail from the lounge

    Once in a while I get an update e-mail that says it is from the Lounge but is obviously an ad. Such as this which I got in my e-mail on Sunday the 18th: "Dear The Wolf, bcde806 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - It is the East and Norma Shearer is the sun - in...
  16. The Wolf

    I enjoyed the golden age original and remake

    I just rewatched Ball of Fire and A Song Is Born and still loved them both. They are both about a group of professors putting together an encyclopedia. One is headed by Gary Cooper and his seven little professors and is halted when his section on slang is realized to be out of date when a...
  17. The Wolf

    Alan Ladd as the Great Gatsby in Santa Rosa

    The 1949 version of The Great Gatsby with Alan Ladd is playing at the Charles M. Schulz Museum on Friday, February 6 at 7 P.M.. Not only have I never seen this version but admission is $3! http://www.schulzmuseum.org/ I plan on getting the night off of work. Sincerely, The Wolf
  18. The Wolf

    Cracked two-reeler parodies

    Did anybody here read Cracked magazine in the late 1970s? One time they had fake lobby cards for the last stories of golden age series. It had things like "The Dead End Kids Run into a Dead End", "Boston Blackie Goes to Hoboken", etc. I would love to see it again since I now know the series...
  19. The Wolf

    Batman fan needs help from cigar smokers

    My young son and I enjoy Batman cartoons, comics etc. together. Recently he said he wants us to go out on Halloween as Batman and Robin. I figure I'd better start designing the Batman costume now (also start working out now ;) ). It is based on the 1940s version (of course :D ) and I figure...
  20. The Wolf

    It is the East and Norma Shearer is the sun

    I just watched The Divorcee and Free Soul, both starring Norma Shearer. They both make reference to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Shearer played Juliet in a movie adaptation years after those movies. In fact Leslie Howard, her Romeo in the film, costars in Free Soul. Sincerely, The Wolf

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