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  1. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    Sorry to hear you had problems. My wife and I have had to remove our shoes everytime we've had to board a plane. And they just hate my 501's metal buttons. What do they think I've got in there? Reminds me of the Tom Jones album "The Lead and How To Swing It". Maybe it's because of my name...
  2. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    Again, I could care less how you live your life, but if you're going to come on a public board and post this stuff you have to be prepared for disagreement. Racial profiling absolutely exists. Recognizing differences in skin color is natural but I really don't see how it's going to help you...
  3. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    Dress it up however you want. I read it as racist. If she's got a problem with Clinton. Great, the guys a pig. Welfare. So do I. Democrats. Hell, I don't like politicians at all. I admit, her writing style is entertaining. But I can do without the broad, sweeping hate speech. If...
  4. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    She does remind me of Howard Stern in that more of her readers/listeners probably can't stand her. What about younger listeners who don't get the joke? They just see a pretty blond trying to get rid of the Arabs. To quote Mr. Round "Not very funny." I'm not attacking anyone in a...
  5. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    That's a little extreme for extra scrutiny and has nothing to do with protecting one's self. To me, it sounds intentionally offensive. Maybe I'm looking through a limited prism to come to that conclusion but Ms. Coulter doesn't seem too open minded herself. How should anyone take comments...
  6. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    Sure. The first one I assume is obvious. The article by Coulter is one of the most offensive things I've read in a while. With her whole round 'em all up attitude, she probably got thrown out of the KKK as a child for being too much of a bigot. Nineteen psychotics cause a tragedy so...
  7. Kittlemeier

    Ahh, beautiful (socialist) Seattle.

    I gotta say, both of those ladies are way out of line. Kittlemeier(or Omar for real)
  8. Kittlemeier

    The Real Idol?

    MK, you've got some work cut out for you. HA! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3361159248&category=790 I love it. Possible piece of movie history. K
  9. Kittlemeier

    A diplomatic request

    I'm the new Fedora cheerleading section. Very well said. Jsoft, I understand where you're coming from also. I believed all that at one time. K
  10. Kittlemeier

    The suits of 1938

    I love these catalogs, K
  11. Kittlemeier

    1935 tailors' catalogue

    Great link. Thanks, K
  12. Kittlemeier

    Show us your suits

    Sorry, not Matt, but it sounds like a glenplaid. Does it look like this? K
  13. Kittlemeier

    What do you want too see?

    I think shoes should have it's own category also. K
  14. Kittlemeier

    The demise of VHS

    My first DVD player was a Sony. After rebates it cost me $149.99. It stopped working literally in the thirteenth month of my owning it. They wanted $176.00 to fix it(for a problem they knew about and was very common in that model I found later). They've lost me as a customer for life. K
  15. Kittlemeier

    The demise of VHS

    I think Michaelson calls it "planned obsolescence". K
  16. Kittlemeier

    Bound Brim

    Just gorgeous. K
  17. Kittlemeier

    Show us your suits

    That suit looks great. Straight up Indy on the steps. The locations are perfect for the photos. K
  18. Kittlemeier

    To cuff or not to cuff

    If it's a thirties cut, then why do you think there weren't cuffs on the suit? I've always thought that Indy's(as in the character's) suit would have had cuffs, but the actual suit that Harrison wore would not having been made or at least altered in '79 or '80. Maybe we'll know next week from...
  19. Kittlemeier

    Ladies show us your best.

    Man I wish the swing thing was still over here. I loved it when LADIES were actually dressing nice. I guess it may still be around in Atlanta. Almost everyone here is into the goth or thug thing and the only dance clubs are booty shake or techno. You've really got it made out there...
  20. Kittlemeier

    Hair cuts

    I actually bought my own clippers. Every April or so I use a #6 guard on top tapered to a #4 on the sides and back, keep it that way until September, let it grow, then start over in April. I only get it cut in Fall/Winter if I have some kind of event to attend and then I only trim the sides...

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