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    Show us Pics of your Deers, my Dears!

    Deerskin. Supple, soft, delightful deerskin. Under-rated in a world that often favors hard-wearing heavyweight workwear. But it does make some lovely and wearable jackets. And while some deer jackets can age poorly, others stand the test of time admirably. Feel free to show off and brag on...
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    Anyone Getting Outerwear as a Christmas Present this Year?

    Wanting to live vicariously through you...I know I have some nice shirts under the tree, but no outerwear for me this year. If you know about something coming your way, feel free to tell us about it!
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    I like short sleeves and I cannot lie...

    Hi Folks, I'm relatively new here, but have bought a couple nice leather jackets already from awesome FL members. I have read lots of posts with people commenting on sleeve length...mostly that certain vintage jackets and custom jackets have sleeves that posters think are too short. At the...

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