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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    For sure, and let's just hope that we don't all end up channelling a binman in order to get the things emptied.
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    I still have one, and it was possible to buy (probably still is) one in wool and made in England. The very best were those that councils used to issue to dustmen, street cleaners and so forth, and which were also favoured by coalmen. They had real thick leather (not plastic) over the shoulders...
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    Ebay issue

    I'm an infrequent seller but regular buyer on eBay. I've had quite enough problems both ways, even with UK transactions, and I will not now buy or sell outside this country. With the reduction in UK Post Office services and locations, sending by Royal Mail is less convenient, but I always use...
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    The Ogallala owner was very clear about there being no European outlets and, in fact, the Ogallala website lists only North American places to buy it, either by mail or retail. The dwindling bottle I have gives witch hazel with alcohol as one of the ingredients, which means it can't easily (or...
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    Thanks. Maguire's is where I used to buy it, but there have since been many reported problems buying from them now. These have been discussed in detail, in many forums. A month or so ago, I emailed the proprietor of Ogallala in the USA to ask him if he would put me on to his authorised UK and...
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    I like it a lot. Unfortunately there is no longer anyone selling it in the UK, so I'm back to making my own.
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    CC41 - decoding the codes

    Supposedly a lower grade of cloth, through content, weaving and finishing. I have three CC41 shirts and collars which were issued to a family member on demobilisation in 1945. I wore them for several years as business wear, and they are still as good as new. In the 1960s, as a penniless...
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    It's all fashion nowadays, especially for "hipsters". The wealthier parts of the UK are awash with bearded, mostly young, men, in £250 lumberjack shirts, £650 Viberg boots and the other accoutrements so essential for office wear and city life. They wear on their backs the equivalent, for many...
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    b3 shoulder tabs rank question

    Ignore them. If they're curled up, it's just a sign of a jacket that's had some use. I can't recall the last time I saw an original photo of one of these with rank insignia, and repros with them are few and far between. I doubt you'd see the insignia properly anyway, on a curled and flapping tab.
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    Flying Jacket advice - Aero vs ALC vs British Sheepskin Company

    I have an Eastman B-3 and a D-1. The B-3 is a first rate jacket but, to be honest, it's a heavy jacket, because it has a lot of leather in the facings, as well as sheepskin. It'll certainly keep you warm, but it has to be very cold in East Anglia to justify it. Just right for "The Beast from...
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    The Fedora Lounge 4.0

    I can't log in via Tapatalk (" don't have permission" ), so access via that method rather than a browser doesn't work on my mobile iOS devices.
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    AVI LTHR BRONCO A-2 Jacket Review & Pics

    Functionally, not a lot. However, on most A2 jackets (both originals and good repros), the popper/snaps are exactly the other way around, with the female part on the underside of the collar and the male on the jacket front. Also, the correct A2 snaps don't have the twin spring bars in them. Some...
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    AVI LTHR BRONCO A-2 Jacket Review & Pics

    A bit confusing, as the headline says "Goat" and the description says "Made from Genuine and high quality Sheepskin Leather". It doesn't look too bad, but the zip, poppers (rather than snaps) and several other aspects let it down a lot. If it had more authentic fittings, no inside pocket and so...
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    Ebay scam

    This occasionally happens to me, as recipient in the UK. USPS package from USA tracks OK ( but often slow and tortuous) into Heathrow WDC. Passes Customs, leaves USPS tracking and enters Royal Mail system for delivery. Tracks separately,is delivered and marked as such in RM system but USPS...
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    Burned on Ebay

    They were, and there's one on eBay at the moment with a "Made in New Zealand" label.
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    Burned on Ebay

    I've had some real A-2 and B-3 buying successes on eBay, but also a couple of failures, which I've just "sucked up", as I didn't think the sellers were acting in bad faith, or because I thought they just didn't know enough about what they were selling and what the USPs and downsides of the item...
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    Heavy cotton flannel shirts and shrinkage

    Although we never use a drier, in the past my wife has kindly resized downwards a few of my Viyella and other flannel shirts (some plain cotton, some the traditional wool and cotton mix). This is easily achieved by not following the washing instructions, and putting them in a machine at too high...
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    I take your points entirely, and can offer only this rationale. It's always been the case that the clothes of one country are taken up for a different purpose or reason by the citizens of another. In the UK, the 1950s saw the adoption of American jeans as style rather than workwear, the 60s...
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    With the vestes (jackets), I find the shape and stitching of the collar makes a lot of difference to the look of it. Some have a more rounded look, with double stitching on the edge, whilst others are not edge-sewn, are less rounded and usually not as high or wide. The photograph shows my...
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    French Peasant Workwear Trousers

    You can still get them new. I buy jackets (vestes) and trousers made by Lafont, and these are the real moleskin. I also buy NOS items, when they come in my size, from a contact in France who specialises in bleus de travail. The nearest equivalent I know of in the UK which are affordable work...

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