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    Leather quality on new Highwayman

    Hello, recently I received my new custom Aero Highwayman with a one-piece back. I really like the jacket and admire the workmanship on this garment. But one thing keeps me thinking: the quality on the back panel differs from the front. While the leather used on the front is smooth and...
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    Advice on buying Aero Rocker/Highwayman

    Hey all, after reading all these posts about other people's leather jackets I finally decided to get one too. I would like to have a clean, slim fitting jacket, so I am thinking about ordering an Aero Rocker/Highwayman in black FQHH in size 40 with these alterations: - one-piece back - no...
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    Aero Ace Café Rocker vs. Highwayman

    Hey all, I am thinking about buying an Aero Ace Café Rocker Jacket, but don't have the opportunity to try one on. So could anybody give me some hints about the fit? I really would like to have a slim fit, my measures are 107 cm at the chest and 96 cm at the navel area. Recently I tried...
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    Alternatives to Red Wing Gentleman Travelers

    I am looking for a sturdy classic looking boot with a commando sole and I am thinking of buying some Red Wing Gentleman Travellers http://www.redwingshoes.com/productdetails.aspx?prodid=1900 But what I do not like about them, is that they do not have any inner lining/leather. Could any of...

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