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    The colder months having come our way, I went searching for one of the season's humbler necessities, a fresh supply of nice hankies and found -- nothing! Oh, huge, coarse things intended for gentlemen are still around, but nothing for us. No monograms, floral embroidery, lace trim, or...
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    Nero Wolfe

    Did anyone here catch the (unfortunately short-lived) A&E series, "Nero Wolfe?" Hubby and I thought it was grand! Biography Channel still airs reruns on weekends. Sometimes it takes a scene or two to place the time; Nero, Archie and the rest were solving mysteries from the late '30s...
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    New Coat/Style Advice From Mom

    After hankering after it for about a year, I finally ordered a proper-looking repro '40s coat for winter (you Angelinos may not be familar with our quaint Midwestern weather patterns -- lucky you!). I'll try to attach a photo from the catalog. (If anyone wants a link to the source, ask). It...
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    Hello, everyone

    Oh, gosh... Mike fright! Hi. I've already sort of leapt in here and there, and my profile lists the usual sorts of things, so what's left? Rotogravure, I suppose. Here's a snapshot, today at work, not exactly great...! (I'm going to delete this if it looks awful) --Bobbi B.

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