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  1. Jasmine Jolene

    eva marie saint/exodus hair

    There's a 'do very similar to that in that vintage hairstyling book by Lauren wotsit. The fifties one...
  2. Jasmine Jolene

    Hello and thick hair despair

    I have thick curly hair, it's about shoulder length now. The only way I can get a curl set to stay, is by blow drying straight(ish), then dampening and setting on either velcro rollers or perm rods (if I'm doing just the ends). If I wet set, it just NEVER dries. I don't even need any product...
  3. Jasmine Jolene

    What is your favorite red lipstick brand/shade?

    My new favourite is Howl by Illamasqua. Just brickish enough to look like a 'natural' red, rather than dominate my face. And hi! Hoping to start posting a bit more, I've had a looooooong hiatus!
  4. Jasmine Jolene

    What is your favorite red lipstick brand/shade?

    Hey girls, I am trying to post a photo of me wearing Illamasqua Drench but I can't remember how to do it. Apologies if this doesn't work! Ok, the process has changed since I last did it and for some reason it will not let me upload a pic from Picasa. How frustrating. The pic also includes my...
  5. Jasmine Jolene

    What is your favorite red lipstick brand/shade?

    I have got a new favourite! Illamasqua Drench. Beautiful colour and great lasting power. I'd post a photo of me wearing it if I could remember how to do it! It is a lovely raspberry red, bright but wearable.
  6. Jasmine Jolene

    The best face powder in the world!

    I'm using Chanel at the moment, but I won't be buying it again. I do find it lovely and fine, but it is so expensive! I just can't justify it. I normally use Natural Collection (from Boots) loose powder - it's only £1.99 a pot so won't break the bank. I decant into a pretty pink glass jar. I...
  7. Jasmine Jolene

    heat protector??

    Why thank you! Good to be back - hopefully I will be posting some pics soon as well :O I need help with wedding hair!
  8. Jasmine Jolene

    heat protector??

    I have naturally curly hair too - great as I don't need to wash it often, annoying as it's so dry and gets damaged very easily.
  9. Jasmine Jolene

    heat protector??

    I use a Tresemme one. Can't say whether it works any better than any others, I've had it years! Are you sure your hair doesn't just need a cut? Hot Sticks really aren't like tongs or straighteners that put a lot of heat directly onto the ends so it may not be the sticks that are doing it. Also...
  10. Jasmine Jolene

    Show us your hair do's....

    THIS is how I want my hair for my wedding in June - exactly the style I have been looking for! Now I have an excuse to buy some heated rollers as well! I've had my long hair chopped off as well and I love it.
  11. Jasmine Jolene

    Hair help - what am I doing wrong???

    My hair is very very curly and will not set curly in a wet set. It just will not dry, and if it does, I have kinks all over and I don't like it. I wash, and blow dry to straight. Then, I dampen the ends with a spray with half water half conditioner and roll round the sponge rollers. I use the...
  12. Jasmine Jolene

    Beauty on the Production Line, 1950s

    Oh thanks FL, you're letting me post again!
  13. Jasmine Jolene

    Beauty on the Production Line, 1950s

    What is it? I can't make it load :(
  14. Jasmine Jolene

    1920's Murder Mystery Party! Help this 50's gal dress 20's!

    Not sure if it's too late, but on Youtube there are lots of good tutorials to make longer hair look a bit more 20s. One particular one from ILoveGerardo
  15. Jasmine Jolene

    Interesting article on disposable fashion

    I admit I buy Primark and other disposable clothing. However, I take good care of my clothes and have had some items for years. The main reasons I buy high street and super-cheap are 1) price - I simply do not have the funds to spare; 2) my never-ending battle with my weight! I really resent...
  16. Jasmine Jolene

    "summer wave" rollers

    how annoying. can't seem to source them in the UK :(
  17. Jasmine Jolene

    "summer wave" rollers

    ooh i want some! can never get a wave in my hair. although if i'm honest all sets are rubbish at the moment.....but that's a topic for another thread!
  18. Jasmine Jolene

    Dressing Vintage so as not to Garner Attention

    Yup, I live in Liverpool and i hate it! they wouldn't go out with no make up on though!
  19. Jasmine Jolene

    Show us your hair do's....

    STOP PRESS!!!! i have had my first *ever* really successful wet pincurl set on my very curly hair! normally, it doesn't dry properly, i have kinks everywhere, it's not smooth, and although it holds the curl well, it just looks hmmmm, not very nice. well i washed my hair last night, pinned...
  20. Jasmine Jolene

    Forum Upgrade -- POST ANY ISSUES HERE

    not sure if it has been posted before, but i don't like that my icon on favourites is not a little hat anymore lol! also, not too keen on having to reload page after page, i'm sure each page doesn't have as many posts on it as before.

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