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    Re-sizing a leather jacket (Aero Premier Half Belt)

    Hey fellow loungers… I’ve an odd question - how easy/possible is it to reduce the size of a leather jacket? I’ve posted on here before about having lost a lot of weight in the last 8 months. I’ve gone from, in real terms, a size 48 to somewhere between a 42 and 44 depending on the maker. In...
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    Fit advice - Fine Creek Leon

    Hey TFL… I’m looking for some long distance fur advice (as I’ll likely have to order online as there are no stockists of Fine Creek here in Ireland)… I recently picked up a Flat Head Delraiser D pocket cross zip together with a Vanson C2RN (aka renegade). I’m starting to think the Vanson...
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    WTT - Eastman B3 (seal with russet trim) size 42 for 44/46

    Hey folks, I recently picked up an Eastman B3 (seal with russet trim) in size 42 second hand. I grossly underestimated the size needed - I’d need at least a 44 for a close fit or a 46 for a roomier fit. I’d say the jacket is lightly worn - 8/10 condition with just the right amount of break...

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