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    Various leathers in the rain

    Hi all-- Goatskin, and so I've heard, horsehide tend to do well in the rain (fairly waterproof), without any real damage to the hides. Steerhide does OK, but perhaps a little more porous (and leaving only a slightly stronger leather smell). And of course there are variations depending on how...
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    Heavy jackets and shoulders

    Hi all-- I've never tried on an Aero or a Lost Worlds (though...I'd like to...). However, when it comes to heavy leather, I find my Elstermode DB coat, as heavy as it is, sits lightly and well-distributed on my shoulders, and my Taylor's Leatherwear presses down on the ends of my shoulders...
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    How brown is brown horsehide?

    Horsehide surfaces in brown/russet seem to vary smoothly even color: Eastman http://www.goodwearleather.com/pages/gwmonarch_images1.html and Lost Worlds http://www.lostworldsinc.com/images/SuburbanRusset-3.jpg But Aero's seem to be slightly marbelized...
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    goatskin vs. horsehide breathability?

    Hi all-- I seem to recall reading about this topic, perhaps not here, apologies if so, but how breathable is horsehide versus a lighter goatskin? Specifically, does moderate physical activity such as brisk walking create a problem for anyone here with heat buildup inside horsehide jackets? I...
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    A-1 jacket in art history, 1943

    Here's an interesting footnote to the history of the A-1 jacket: Norman Rockwell completed a set of four patriotic-themed paintings during World War 2 that proved to be so emotive that they were turned, as you can see, into posters for the War Bond drive. In the painting "Freedom of...
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    Open Road jacket arrived! [REPOST WITH PHOTOS]

    Greetings all-- My Open Road jacket by Magnoli Clothiers arrived, and very nice it is too. I believe I can't post an attachment, but it's exactly like the one in the Magnoli catalogue except in a dark dark brown finely pebbled goatskin, non-distressed. I wanted a shorter-waisted lightweight...
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    That vintage liner smell...

    Hello all-- Not sure if it's polyester or nylon or rayon, but the lining from a vintage Sears leather jacket exudes that slightly burned or smoky smell characteristic of certain synthetic fabrics. (And how does one describe a smell?). I had the jacket dry-cleaned, and it took the scent down a...
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    Distressing (or scuffing...)

    I appreciate the history implicit in scuffing and wear patterns--certainly a historical WWII jacket that shows a lot of old wear speaks volumes about the hardship endured by the original wearer. The same could be said for coins or weapons or denim miner's overalls. However, I don't like new...

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