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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    Now Sold
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    To the top
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    FS size 42 Standard & Strange Simmons Bilt Two Lane Jacket, brown top , $1000

    Really sweet looking jacket! What are the measurements?
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    It’s been a while, so I suppose I’ll bump again. It really is a nice jacket, I’m just not much of a cross zip guy. I might be open to a trade of sorts.
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    Time for a bump
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    On my bathroom scale it appears to weigh between 3.5 and 4 pounds. I'll try to be more accurate when I find a way.
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    If you're interested and think it'll fit I'd be happy to meet you somewhere closer to Claremont. We'd both save on shipping!
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    Schott Cycle Rider CHP 44

    I bought this jacket here a little over 3 years ago, and have only worn it 2 or 3 times, so decided it’s time to move it on. It’s in very good condition and I can’t find any flaws on it. Listed as a size 44, but please see measurements. Pit to pit 23 Bottom hem 20 Sleeve straight 25 Sleeve...
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    Aero Sheene. Natural CXL 40

    So do I. I love this jacket.
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    FS: Bates 1970s moto jacket, 42, dark chocolate brown, near mint

    What's the bottom hem measurement on this one?
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    WTB Langlitz padded timberline sidewinder 44

    Just a suggestion - you might want to put WTB in the title of these posts. Good luck in your searches.
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    Unbranded jeans NWT

    Summer will be over soon, and your shorts will be put away for awhile. Get these really nice jeans for a very good price. If they fit me better there's no way they'd be for sale.
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    Unbranded jeans NWT

    These are size 34, and while I wear that size in most jeans (usually vanity sized), these are just too snug on me. Never worn, only tried on. Price is $45 picked up (L.A area), or $55 shipped. Measurements: Waist 18.25 Bottom hem 8.25 Inseam 33 Thigh 10.5 Rise 11.75
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    Johnson Leathers Cafe Racer (Custom) Size 44/46

    I only wore this one a couple of times due to the warm climate here, so it's back up for sale at the same good deal I bought it for. I'd say it fits like a 42.
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    Langlitz cascade approx size 40

    Sounds more than reasonable to me. Wish it’d fit.
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but downunder Gman and I had some very pleasant message exchanging awhile back, and I'm sorry to see him go.
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    FS: GAP Trucker Medium in Cognac color - crazy grain

    I recently bought this same jacket (in a larger size) from too many hats..., and absolutely love it! I'm sure Mark will as well. Great leather!

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