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  1. Jish1969

    Vintage Pendleton-Mens Large Long

  2. Jish1969

    Vintage Pendleton-Mens Large Long

    Hi all, I picked this circa 1970's Pendleton up on Fleabay last year and was unaware that it was a Large Long, and its been sitting in my closet since. It is in great condition, the only exception is the topmost button is missing. $50 + shipping , but I would also entertain trades for a...
  3. Jish1969

    What leather conditioner to use

    Hi all, I just dropped a little coin on some Chippewas and was wondering what you all recommend for leather care. I picked up the 20080, which I intend to use primarily for motorcycling and secondary for hiking(to the places I bike to). I have pure mink oil, but there seems to be an even...
  4. Jish1969

    Replacement clips for metal TV tray tables?

    Anyone got a line on these? They are the plastic kind that take 2 small rivets for the 1/2 inch standard metal tube frames... EDIT-Not mine in the pic but just so you have the idea...
  5. Jish1969

    FS: Vintage Schott Cafe Racer sz 46

    pm sent
  6. Jish1969

    Waterfall bed frame, full size

  7. Jish1969

    Seeking a vintage motorcycle jacket with modern safety

    I was in the same quandary last year; looking for a retro jacket with modern protection, and stumbled across the Firstgear Kenya jacket. While it doesn't get any points for vintage looks, to me it has a more modern cafe look. It has CE approved armour in the shoulders, elbows, and a spine...
  8. Jish1969

    Closet Closeout Sale!

    How old is the Schott?
  9. Jish1969

    Waterfall bed frame, full size

  10. Jish1969

    Waterfall bed frame, full size

    It's a full size. I don't think they made queens back then, and if they did they would be scarcer than hens teeth...
  11. Jish1969

    Waterfall bed frame, full size

    I recently scored a waterfall bed that matches our set better so this one goes up for sale. Good condition, nothing Old English can't hide. I would much prefer if buyer was close to Buffalo, NY, since this would be quite the task to ship. $50, but if you have something to trade don't be shy...
  12. Jish1969

    Show us your motorcycles!

    My 2005 1200 Custom
  13. Jish1969

    Leather for Knife sheath

    Any ideas on where to get the appropriate thickness of leather to make my own knife sheath? My grandfather left me some old Brazil-made knives, and I would like to make a new sheath for it. Online stores will do, unless anybody knows of anything in or around Buffalo, NY...
  14. Jish1969

    My Old-Timey Shaving Odyssey

    After shaving with both the GEM Micromatic and the Gillette Super Speed a few times each, there are definitely plus-sides to each of them. The Gillete is smooth, light, and embodies the definition of a safety razor; that said, I have to do a thrice over under the neck until it feels close...
  15. Jish1969

    My Old-Timey Shaving Odyssey

    My razor isn't a Gillette Tech then, since it is only a one-piece. The bottom of the handle twists and the top open up in a bi-fold manner; there is no model name on mine, so I had just assumed it was the more common Tech. I will take pics later, maybe someone can identify it for me... EDIT...
  16. Jish1969

    My Old-Timey Shaving Odyssey

    For the last two years I've been using aloe vera with lidocaine instead of aftershave. It's great for the skin, refreshing, doesn't sting, smells great, and one bottle lasts forever.
  17. Jish1969

    My Old-Timey Shaving Odyssey

    I just bought a GEM Micromatic SE and Gilette Tech DE razor today for under five smackers at an estate sale!. I got some NOS Personna DE razor blades to boot and gave the Gilette a whirl already; decent shave for the first time, but I'm gonna need to hone my skills...but hell, its better than...
  18. Jish1969

    On yer bike!

    Paddy, If you are still looking for decals, I found a site that makes two Saxon decals http://www.hlloydcycles.com/index.htm The prodict numbers are AX! and AX10, hope that helps you! Cheers, Jish
  19. Jish1969

    On yer bike!

    Paddy, As for decals, you might want to look up the member JRRestore on Bikeforums.net-on the Classic and Vintage subforum. A lot of people on there sing his praises. I have never personally had any work done by him, but many on there have, and they are a great bunch of people to learn from.
  20. Jish1969

    On yer bike!

    Be sure to use a strong backer-board Paddy, it will help those nice looking bags keep their form and greatly extend their life...

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