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  1. Ghostsoldier

    Dave Brown passed away

    Love him or hate him, it appears that there's one less master hatter in the world this year. https://millerfuneralandcremationservices.com/obituaries/?id=760 I do so enjoy seeing his creations on the silver screen, in some of my favorite period movies; plus, he was a member here for a short...
  2. Ghostsoldier

    Tourist cabins, auto and motor courts

    I made a search here and couldn't find anything on this subject, so I thought I'd start one for those who are likewise interested. If there is a thread here that I didn't find, please let me know and I'll fold this thread into that one. :) Seeing as how many of us here are fond of vintage gas...
  3. Ghostsoldier

    1900-1930 forums?

    This may have been asked before (I couldn't find it), but does anyone know if there are any forums out there dedicated to the period of say, 1900 to 1930 American history and culture...much like the FL, I mean? I know topics in The Lounge generally encompasses the "golden age" of 1930s-1950s...
  4. Ghostsoldier

    Eight Men Out/Chicago Black Sox baseball uniform

    *Like I don't have enough crap going already*.....Does anyone here have any references for vintage baseball uniform patterns, circa 1917-1920? I have flirted with creating a Chicago Black Sox uniform (ala the 1988 John Sayle's movie Eight Men Out), as I have several custom-made vintage...
  5. Ghostsoldier

    Depp's Public Enemies windowpane coat

    Here's one that's similar....(too small for me)...;) No live Ebay links. Feel free to re-post it after the auction. - Feraud Rob
  6. Ghostsoldier

    Period movie soundtracks

    I just recently decided to review my collection of period movie soundtracks (meaning movies that have featured popular, period music between 1920 and 1939), and was wondering how many I don't have yet...I was wondering if I could impose upon FL members to contribute to my list of music, as a...
  7. Ghostsoldier

    Vintage 30s SA FBI badges

    Well, I've looked just about everywhere for a reference photo of a 1930's FBI Special Agent badge, and I can't seem to get verification of what one looks like. I was hoping to post here, to see if anyone might have a photo or a piece in their collection they could share. The only thing I have...
  8. Ghostsoldier

    Pants Fasteners

    Folks, Just a quick question (that I couldn't answer via a search): Can anyone tell me (approximately) what year(s) the little, chrome flat hook/clasp on men's pants waistbands came into fashion, and replaced the button? I seem to recall seeing a photo of a pair of late 20s-early 30s suit...
  9. Ghostsoldier

    Terminator: Salvation

    Who's ready for it? It's the most fun a person can have, trying to figure out the predestination paradox....;) I've been a fan of the franchise since the first movie, and can't wait to see what McG and Bale have in store for us in the latest incarnation.... Rob
  10. Ghostsoldier

    Agent Carl Hanratty's hat (Tom Hanks)

    Anyone here know what type/style/make of fedora that was worn by Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can? I'll get some profile shots up here, if needed... Although not a Golden Era hat, it's till one of my favorites.... Rob
  11. Ghostsoldier

    Vintage topcoat patterns

    I want to try my sewing skills on making myself a late-20s to early 30s heavy wool overcoat, showcasing period styling details (and maybe some of Hollywood's ;) ), but am having problems locating a suitable pattern, vintage or otherwise...does anyone here know of any pattern resources that might...
  12. Ghostsoldier

    Identify this Daffy Duck image...

    I lifted this avatar from a member here (can't remember who, but my thanks anyway:) ), but it's a shot from one of my favorite Loony Tunes Daffy cartoons as a kid; only, I don't remember the name of the short, or the year...anyone here have an idea? Rob
  13. Ghostsoldier

    Paul Newman's Car & Auto pistol in Road to Perdition

    Anyone know what type of automatic pistol it is that Mike Sullivan uses in this movie? Is it a Browning Hi-Power, or a Colt 1911? Rob
  14. Ghostsoldier

    New Road to Perdition sequels

    Check this out... http://www.cinematical.com/2008/11/03/pair-of-sequels-planned-for-road-to-perdition/ The article is a little old, but I hope this project goes through.... Rob
  15. Ghostsoldier

    New guy with small collection....

    Hello! I'm a new guy on the block, and after lurking for a few months, I thought I'd jump in! :D Here's a pic of my small hat collection (well, the one's I could readily find ;) )... I know that one is a Dobbs 5th Avenue, a Harcfield of Memphis, A N.Y. Hat Company and a Dockers, but...

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