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    For Sale: Vanson Enfield sz 40, Eastman Luftwaffe sz 42

    Here are two jackets I hate to let go but I do not have the chance to use them. Vanson Enfield, size 40, competition weight. I purchased this new from Vanson mid-2015 and I have worn it outside the house no more than 6 times. As new with serial numbered tag. $400 plus shipping. Eastman...
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    Mint Early Avirex RAF Irvin Size 38 for sale

    See photos. This is my circa 1978 Avirex Irvin, size 38, that I have owned since new. The jacket was carefully stored and worn outside about a grand total of 20 times. As depicted, the jacket has light color fleece and seal color outer with some mismatching of tone. The fleece does...
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    Aero FQHH Chips 40L NIB $550

    For sale is my new Aero Chips jacket, size 40 long. This jacket is brand new and, other than to try on, has not been worn. Color is black. Jacket has been upgraded to a #10 zipper. Other than the fact I have too many leather jackets, this one has to go because I have a Johnson Leathers...
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    FQHH Aero Chips and 50s Half Belt For Sale, Size 40 Long

    Hi: I am selling two FQHH Aero jackets. I am asking $550 for the Aero Chips (which is brand new) and $500 for the 50s Half Belt (which is almost brand new), plus shipping (I am in zip code 61201, W. Illinois) and paypal fees (about $15, I think). The first is an Aero Chips FQHH jacket...

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