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  1. Dessy10

    Simon James Cathcart Leather Jacket?

    Now available on SJC black Friday sale. Extra 20% off with BONUS20. All in £160 inc. postage [in UK] for my one. Still to arrive so can't review but been very impressed with other items from Simon James Cathcart
  2. Dessy10

    WTB Aero Waterfront Wool jacket

    Stunning Jacket ton312. Perfect ratio of leather to wool. On AERO site at the mo. but looks like I've lucked out on that particular style. The new wool/leather mix has too much leather on it for my taste but will keep an eye out for that design you have there. Want one SO much now
  3. Dessy10

    SOLD Levi Leather Black Label Trucker Jacket. Size L

    I'd take that if still available
  4. Dessy10

    Torfjord’s big clearance

    Wish some of these were my size, That Simon James Cathcart must have cost a fortune new. Bargains

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