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  1. Captain Krunch

    Eastman Purchasing: Direct from UK, or Through HPA?

    I'm thinking of getting an Eastman A-2, and am wondering if, as someone who lives in the US, should I buy direct from Eastman, or should I go through History Preservation Associates? I assume there would be advantages going through HPA, as communication, shipping, and returns might be easier...
  2. Captain Krunch

    USS Wahoo Found

    News reports are coming out that the USS Wahoo, commanded by Mush Morton and sunk in October 1943 off the coast of Japan with all hands, has been found: USS Wahoo found Background information on the Wahoo can be found here.
  3. Captain Krunch

    Magnoli Adventure Boots - Krunch's Review

    Today I received my Magnoli Clothiers Adventure boots (Alden/Indy clones), which I had ordered during his recent $220 a pair sale. I ordered on May 12th, so it was only a three-week turnaround. As a made-to-measure shoe, I followed the measuring instructions as provided on Magnoli's site, and...
  4. Captain Krunch

    War Movie Marathon on TCM Memorial Day Weekend

    Folks, just a reminder that Turner Classic Movies is having their annual war movie marathon this Memorial Day weekend. The list of movies can be found here.
  5. Captain Krunch

    How Do You Display Your Crusher Caps?

    Hat experts, I need your help. I have a couple of replica WWII crusher caps that I would like to display. I purchased some styrofoam heads, thinking that this would be a perfect solution, but when I got the heads, I found out that they were too small. My hat size is 7 1/8, but the crushers...
  6. Captain Krunch

    WWII in Color!

    World War II In Color Website Gang, I just ran across a website that has a large library of color WWII photographs online, called called "WWII In Color". Not sure if it's ever been discussed here before, but I thought you'd like to know about it. Go check it out! Krunch
  7. Captain Krunch

    Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon"

    Here's something cool from the Golden Era. I just purchased a new book reprinting in full color the comic strip "Flash Gorden", and wow, what a fun read! I never read Flash before, so it was a purchase based on reputation alone, and I'm glad I did it. Each 9"x12" page prints a full Sunday...
  8. Captain Krunch

    Memphis Belle 60th Anniversary DVD - WOW!!!

    Today I received a copy of the new Memphis Belle 60th Anniversary 2-DVD set from Aircraft Films , and let me tell you, if you have ever seen this documentary before, you have not seen it quite like this! The quality of the film restoration is unreal; it's like I'm seeing the documentary for the...
  9. Captain Krunch

    Bogart Fedora Up for Auction?

    It seems that Profiles in History is having another Hollywood memorabilia auction on Dec 12. While flipping through their auction catalog , I saw a photo and description of a Bogart fedora that I thought you guys would be interested in: 17. HUMPHREY BOGART SIGNATURE FEDORA. Vintage...
  10. Captain Krunch

    "Crusher" Cap Fit Question

    I got a new crusher cap from What Price Glory today in size 7 1/4. It's a nice cap, but a bit too loose - I could slide it all the way down my head if my ears didn't get in the way! So I'm going to try to get a 7 1/8 cap sent so I can compare them, but I wanted to know what you guys suggest...
  11. Captain Krunch

    Can Anyone Recommend "Pearl Harbor"?

    I was flipping through the TV channels the other day and came across "Pearl Harbor", and I got to wondering if it was something worth watching. When it first came out, there were just too many negative reviews and comments about it that turned me off, so I never bothered to see it (Plus, I'm...

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