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    Aero J-106 Battered black FQHH 44

    Aero J-106 Battered black horsehide. Tagged 42 but closer to 44; please refer to pic for measurement (jacke is at my office and I forgot to take pics of shoulder width and arm length so those are from when jacket was new). Jacket is breaking in nicely with some teacore showing on arms. The...
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    Aero cafe racer brown fqhh cxl 42

    Aero leather cafe racer in brown FQHH CXL. Tagged 42 but refer to pics for measurements. I replaced the main zip with a generic heavy duty #10. It would be easy to replace if you're after more fashion over function. Some mottling esp on the upper back panel as is the nature of brown leather...
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    SOLD Aero Leather Premier 30s halfbelt 42

    Aero Leather Premier 30s halfbelt tagged 42 but refer to photos for measurements. Natural veg-tanned HH. Beautiful leather; shows natural imperfections, striations etc. Asking $650 ppff shipped conus
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    SOLD Aero Ridley blackened brown vicenza 42

    Aero Ridley blackened brown vicenza 42 Jacket is in great condition; no issues, non smoker etc. Teacore is starting to peak through in a few places at cuff edge otherwise still looks black. Includes original belt that I never used. Measurements in pics. Asking $700 PPFF shipped conus
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    Vanson x Left Field Commando M $450

    Vanson x Left Field Commando size medium. I wore this jacket a lot the first few months after I got it but have since acquired 4 (I think) others including another D-pocket so this isn't being used. Jacket has scrapes and scuffs from use esp on the forearms and the Navajo lining is prone to...
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    Freenote Cloth RJ-2 Shearling Denim jacket large $550

    Freenote Cloth RJ-2 Shearling Denim jacket. Tagged large but refer to photos for measurements keeping in mind the torso being lined in thickish sherpa. I'd say it fits like about a 42. The arms are lined in satin and not insulated. This jacket has been used but not abused; there are the expected...
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    Iron & Resin Midway deck jacket

    Iron & Resin Midway deck jacket. IR's version of the N1. Nice slightly corded canvas. Tagged size large; I'd say it's about a 42 ie slimmish large. Great condition. Selling as I upgraded to their waxed canvas version. Asking $80 shipped conus. I think retail was around 160
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    Simmons Bilt Cafe Racer 42 $300

    Simmons Bilt Cafe Racer in Clayton veg tanned horsehide. Jacket is used but not grubby; no funk or odors. Note the side adjuster tabs have been cut off. Please refer to photos for measurements. $300 shipped conus
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    Langlitz Timberline goatskin leather pullover jacket

    Langlitz Timberline goatskin leather pullover jacket in good condition; no odors/funk, no issues with the leather. The satin liner has some tears at the bottom hem but they don't affect wearability. The leather is more brown than the photos depict. Langlitz goat hide is terrific; feels thin but...
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    Pacific Cycles cafe racer 42 $200

    Pacific Cycles 2-pocket cafe racer leather jacket. PC jackets were Thurston Bros house brand I believe they were made in Asia. This model is cowhide and based on the Vanson PLU-3. I used this as my main riding jacket for 1+ seasons so it has scuffs, scrapes, etc and has seen weather but is not...
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    SOLD Schott 141 42 light brown $175

    Schott 141 light brown tagged 42 but refer to photos for measurements. Jacket is in very good conditions; all original hardware and zip-in fleece liner. There is a faint sharpie (I think) mark below chest pocket and a few scratches etc but not beat up or grubby or funky odors. Sateen lined and...
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    Aero 1930s Half Belt 42 Blackened Brown Vicenza $600

    Aero 30s Half Belt 42 Blackened Brown Vicenza. I ordered this through Thurston Bros/Carrie about 2 years ago but there were no sizing alterations and I opted for no inner pocket. Tagged 42 and I think that's about right but refer to photos for measurements. Jacket has been used but never on the...
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    Aero Board Racer Vicenza 40-42 $750

    Aero Board Racer Blackened Brown Vicenza Buco J-100 I purchased this new last spring from Thurston's stock page and wore it a fair bit last spring early summer as my main riding jacket so it saw some weather, has some scuffs, creases etc but was not abused and not funky (non-smoker) and the tea...
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    SOLD Langlitz Sidewinder 44 $700 shipped conus

    Langlitz sidewinder about size 44 but refer to pics for measurements. The jacket is in great condition. I bought it last summer from the original owner but never used it as the fit doesn't work for me. The jacket was made in May 2011 and I don't recall for sure but I believe it's made from the...
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    Disregard thread

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    Lost Worlds Buco Rider 40

    Lost Worlds Buco Rider. Tagged 40 but refer to photos for measurements; I'd say it fits more like a 42. This is a great example of a heavy-duty Lost Worlds suit-of-armor jacket. Very thick,heavy horsehide and MC cut. Nickel hardware. Jacket is in good shape, no odors, non-smoker, etc. There is a...
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    Vanson Type A size 40

    Vanson Type A tagged 40 but refer to pics for measurements. Jacket is well used but not abused and has a lot of life left in it. All original zippers but I've replace the arm cuff zipper pulls with generic ones and the main zipper is still functional but should be replaced. The leather is nice...
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    SOLD Aero Leathers Ridley Vicenza 42

    Aero Leather Ridley Black Vicenza. Tagged size 42 but please refer to photos for measurements. One of Carrie's early Ridley designs; nice 3-pocket with 2 waist buckles per side. Black Vicenza that's is very supple and grainy. In great shape; non smoker etc. Not used much as I've already got too...
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    Aero Leather Indian Horsehide jacket 42

    Please refer to ebay listing for details: https://www.ebay.com/itm/292324764137?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 I'd prefer to sell via TFL for $450 shipped to US or Internationally including additional shipping costs. Thanks for looking, Gregor
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    Vanson Comet PLU-3 40

    Vanson Comet PLU-3 size 40. I purchased the jacket new from Thurston Bros a few years ago but haven't worn it much the past couple years since acquiring others. The jacket is in good shape; broken in but not beat up or grubby. Please note I've removed the sleeve gussets as the cuffs were pretty...

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