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  1. Doctor Damage

    US Navy & US Marine Corp Boat Cloaks, and US Army Capes

    Introduction The goal of this thread is to detail the history, use, and characteristics of US Navy (USN) and US Marine Corp (USMC) officer’s boat cloaks and US Army officer’s capes. Despite a superficial similarity, these three garments differ significantly in detail, differences which will be...
  2. Doctor Damage

    Alpha civilian nylon N3B, N2B, MA-1, L2B, and CWU 45P, size large

    With some reluctance I'm offering these five jackets/parkas for sale. I have only worn the parkas a few times and the jackets never, and they're taking up too much space, so time to for them to go to someone who will use them. Descriptions below. Sorry for the poor quality photos, my camera is...
  3. Doctor Damage

    wanted: Alpha L2B, civilian made in USA, size L, green, gray knits

    This is a bit of a long shot but I'm hoping one of our members might have an Alpha L2B jacket, one of the made-in-the-USA models from the 1990s, in green, size L or XL, with the gray knit cuffs and the three stripes on the tag. I don't mind a well used jacket, but no stains, no damages, no...
  4. Doctor Damage

    FS knits for MA-1, dark green, new

    For sale one set of new, unused replacement knits for an MA-1 jacket. This includes the waistband, collar, and sleeve knits. Colour is dark olive green (the camera flash makes them look brighter in the photo below). USD$25.00 shipping included to continental USA or Canada. Interested parties...
  5. Doctor Damage

    Banana Republic safari jacket, size 42, belted

    Banana Republic safari jacket, light cotton, size 42. I'm never going to wear this so hopefully it can go to a good home. It's used, I don't know how old, but it's in excellent shape other than a few marks on the collar (normal with this sort of warm weather jacket). I've laundered and pressed...
  6. Doctor Damage

    Peter Botwright (Wested Leather), RIP

    I contacted the company today, not knowing of Mr Botwright's passing, and received this reply: "Due to the death of the proprietor we have had to take down the website. The new company will be trading as of Monday 6th November, so you will be able to order from the same website address from...
  7. Doctor Damage

    FS: one modern A-2, goat, dark brown, size 40L, excellent used condition

    For sale one USAF A-2 leather flyer's jacket, size 40L, dark brown goatskin. This jacket was made in the USA (probably by Taylors) and sold by Dakota Outerwear. This made to mil spec and is a modern-fit A-2. Condition is used but only lightly worn, about 15 times, overall excellent. The shell is...
  8. Doctor Damage

    2 x Filson bush safari jackets, style 53, used... approx size 42R

    For sale two Filson bush (safari) jackets, one green, one tan. Both are the older style #53 which has the box pleat on the back and bellows pockets on the skirts (later models had a bi-swing back and patch pockets). These are used and worn but are both very wearable and look the stuff, like old...
  9. Doctor Damage

    Filson bush jacket, size L (44-46), nwot... low starting bid

    Here's a Filson bush jacket, the last model before the cancelled them forever. Size is Large, which is equivalent to a 44-46. I have the official measurements for this model and the chest is supposed to be 27.5" with 36" sleeves, although I don't know if the jacket in this listing matches. The...
  10. Doctor Damage

    FS: Schott CWU 45P, nylon, dark blue, size Large

    For sale one Schott CWU 45P nylon flight jacket, size Large, colour dark blue/ink. This jacket is in good condition, although it has a couple of minor frays which are not structural (one is on a pocket edge, the other the bottom hem). Nylon colour is dark blue, actually more of a dark ink...
  11. Doctor Damage

    FS: USAF N-3B parka, Albert Turner mid-1950s, size Large

    For sale one vintage USAF N-3B parka made by Albert Turner, size Large. Atticus says the contract date is 1953 to 1958, but we can't pin it down more than that. Either way, it's old. Condition is excellent and this is a fully wearable parka. I just had it dry cleaned so it's ready to go. The...
  12. Doctor Damage

    FS: USAF vintage N2B, Skyline 1962, size Large

    For sale one USAF N2B parka, size Large, made by Skyline in 1965 (as per Atticus). There are a number of condition issues and some good and bad points which I describe below. I’ve included photos from the guy who originally sold it to me, but please rely on my descriptions. Basically, this thing...
  13. Doctor Damage

    sf: USAF mil-spec N3B parka, Greenbrier 1990, size M, excellent condition

    For sale one USAF mil-spec N3B parka made by Greenbrier and dated 1990, size Medium. Shell is 50% cotton 50% nylon (feels like a very heavy cotton duck) with polyester insulation. Zippers and snaps work fine, and all buttons are present and in place. Coat is used but in excellent nearly-new...
  14. Doctor Damage

    For Sale: "Gary Cooper" book by G Bruce Boyer

    For sale one copy of "Gary Cooper" by G Bruce Boyer, the noted style historian. This book is a hardcover with a cover into which it slides (see pic below - the book and cover are dark brown (bad photo)). Boyer wrote an essay for this book about Cooper's style (Boyer always was a huge fan of...
  15. Doctor Damage

    Flight Suits flying jackets - 1998 catalog

    While digging through my pile of stuff I came across this 1998 catalog from Flight Suits which shows their whole product line, including jackets, helmets, flight suits, boots, gloves, and accessories. I scanned in the pages relating to flight jackets since that's the main interest in this forum...
  16. Doctor Damage

    CWU 36/P jacket, green, nylon, size 42R (by Wild Blue Yonder, i.e. G&B)

    Available one CWU 36/P jacket in green nylon, size 42, made in USA by Wild Blue Yonder (which was apparently linked with Flight Suits and a precursor to Gibson & Barnes). Condition used but in great shape, no damages or smells, a few faint white marks, some pilling on knits. Just dry cleaned and...
  17. Doctor Damage

    for vintage shoe fans: shoe store closed in the 1960s unearthed

    Someone has apparently unearthed a shoe store in the U.S. which has been closed since the 1960s. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2836369/Family-unearth-amazing-vintage-shoe-store-locked-decades-inheriting-old-building-footwear-perfect-condition-albeit-little-dusty.html...
  18. Doctor Damage

    size 40S? two leather jackets Cooper A2 and Flight Suits G1

    Is anyone here a size 40 Short? Here’s two good leather jackets. A-2 in goatskin by Cooper. Great condition, only a few minor marks on leather, one small scrape on cuff. Knits have some pilling. Liner is clean. $150 free shipping to Canada or continental U.S. armpit-to-armpit = 22.5” back...
  19. Doctor Damage

    Alpha & Greenbrier civilian MA-1 jackets, both size Large, new deadstock

    Here’s an interesting opportunity for someone who likes MA-1 jackets: two civilian MA-1 jackets, one by Alpha, one by Greenbrier, both made in the USA. Sizes for both jackets are Large and both jackets fit the same (measurements below). These jackets are almost identical in most respects...
  20. Doctor Damage

    Canadian Forces flying jackets (post-war)

    Canadian Forces flying jackets offer an interesting diversion from the more popular USAF flying jackets which dominate discussion in this forum. Canadian Forces flying jackets come in two weights (summer and winter) and basic designs have changed little since first introduced sometime in the...

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