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  1. Rawky

    I tried on my first Real McCoy A2 today. How does it fit?

    Had a jaunt around London today (ended up buying a pair of Red Wing Moctoes), and thought I would how a look at The Real McCoy. Always been intrigued, by their price range has always deterred me. However, the second I tried on this A2, I fell in love. It was like no other jacket I own. I was...
  2. Rawky

    Best way to treat a heavily creased leather jacket?

    Hi All, Hope you've been keeping well. I'm on the ebay hunt again and have come across this Schott 674 for a reasonable price: shorturl.at/abqsS Unfortunately, it's heavily creased. They mention it will need "sorting out" in the description, but what is the best way to get rid of creases in...
  3. Rawky

    Anyone know much about Brill Bros.?

    I've seen this nice looking G1 on eBay for a pretty decent price, but I'm not at all familiar with Brill Bros. Can't find anything much about them online. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325014406761?hash=item4bac5e4669:g:XNQAAOSwMjdh7wtN Any insight anyone has, will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Rawky

    Any ideas on the makers of this jacket? (pic heavy)

    Seasons greetings, fellas and fellarettes. I'm pretty useless on eBay, but did manage to win my very first auction on this biker jacket for a whopping £30. It arrived today, and I'm in two minds about it. It fits fine, the leather seems decent, but there's something a little off I feel. Whilst...
  5. Rawky

    Advice on reducing the smell of an old jacket?

    Hi all. Just picked up an A2 style jacket (believe it's from the 80s). I ordered online and it just arrived today. Very happy with how it fits and looks. Probably one of the best fitting jackets I own. Anyway, along with how well it fits, there is also the mustiest of musty smells. It's so...
  6. Rawky

    Has anyone use this site before?

    I watched the film Surrogates last night and liked the look of Bruce Willis's halfbelt that he wears in it. Searching around on the internet I came across this site: It has a selection of vintage and modern day jackets that you see in movies. http://www.movieleatherjacket.com/ Has...
  7. Rawky

    Where do you order/buy from?

    Are there particular websites/stores that you buy your jackets from? Do you always use the same ones? Or mix it up? Also do you just buy vintage/classic jackets or have you be known to purchase a fashion/highstreet one on the sly? :whistling

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