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  1. Raul

    Help with dating and identifying a jacket

    Hi, anyone can help in dating and identifying this jacket? No label inside (maybe lost) only the care label remains that indicates as manufacturer Tripp NYC, a brand unknown to me and surely not high quality, brass scovill zippers and buttons. Maybe from the 70s? Do you think it's horsehide or...
  2. Raul

    40s-50s Woolrich Mackinaw button

    I just bought a vintage Woolrich Mackinaw in very good conditions for its age, from the label it seems to be from late 40s to early 50s. No worn-out wool even on friction prone parts. There is some small repair to do but nothing important. The worst thing is a missing button (bakelite?) on one...
  3. Raul

    cracks on old horsehide jacket

    A jacket I could be interested in has these cracks on the hide, even though the leather is thick and still pliable in these areas, are these kind of superficial cracks a real bad thing in any case? Is there anything that can be done to eventually reduce them? Thanks
  4. Raul

    Want to Buy: original vintage 50s Buco J21-22 size 42

    I am looking for a vintage (not repro) horsehide Buco J-21 or J-22 (2nd label with plaid lining) in very good/excellent original conditions, size 42 (I usually am a 40R but it seems that these jackets run a little small). Early J-24 horsehide could be also an option. A deal within Europe would...
  5. Raul

    Missing a "cat-eye" button in a vintage Lee Storm Rider jacket

    I always liked the Lee Storm Rider and instead of buying a repro I decided to look for a not too expensive vintage one. Today I was able to buy one from a japan yahoo auction with the help of juno@bidservice (pics below), so it will take some time to arrive here. It was advertised as from the...
  6. Raul

    WTB 40s-50s Horsehide D-pocket cross-zip jacket 40-42

    I am looking for a 40s-50s horsehide D-pocket cross-zip jacket all original and in very good conditions, size 40-42. Thank you.
  7. Raul

    Anyone used car upholstery cleaner on jacket lining?

    I need to clean the quilted lining of a vintage leather jacket, there are some old stains (that I doubt will completely disappear) and some smell mainly in the upper back and pit areas. I don't want to bring it to a laundry fearing damages to the leather. I already tried some water/vodka but it...
  8. Raul

    Help: breakage in vintage Conmar zip

    Today when I was trying to zip up my 50s Grais jacket the main zipper began to break at the beginning, the solid part at the extremity is detaching from the fabric (or better the fabric is fraying). I know it's nearly impossible but anyone knows a way to fix it? A glue? Classic superglue...
  9. Raul

    Wesco Mister Lou engineer boots: fit/sizing?

    Hi, can any owner of these boots give some hint about how they fit? I don't own any engineer boot to compare, to give an idea I am: - 8.5 D in Red Wing Moc-toe 6" and Iron Ranger - 8.5 D in Alden cordovan Barrie last and 9 in Aberdeen last - 9 E Yuketen Maine Guide boots - 8.5 Converse All Star...
  10. Raul

    50s grais horsehide lining restored

    Two weeks ago I bought a nice 50s Grais horsehide (pony) wit a great patina, but it had the lining in bad shape, sleeves lining destroyed and body lining rather dirty, with a previous patch at the bottom and a big tear/hole near the collar, the pockets lining were in bad shape too: I...
  11. Raul

    Missing diamond for Conmar brass zipper pull

    I just bought a nice 1950s jacket that has Conmar brass zippers but one of the pocket zippers is missing its pull (chain with diamond). Anyone has a spare one or know where I can find it? Thanks
  12. Raul

    Just bought a 1963 Irvin Foster G-1 jacket

    I just bought this G-1 jacket on ebay. It's an Irvin B. Foster, B series from 1963 so it should be real goat and mouton collar, from the pics it seems in good conditions, here it is (pics are from the auction as it is not in my hands yet):
  13. Raul

    Alpha N3-B parka VF59 (slim fit) ?

    As my vintage (1969 issued) N3-B has a rather bulky fit, I was thinking to get a slimmer one for everyday use. It seems that modern Alpha are good quality for the price but I need some advice here. In the Alpha US website there is a slim fit version...
  14. Raul

    Is this G-1 genuine, repro or civilian?

    I found a G-1 jacket for a good price but I am not sure if it's a genuine vintage, a civilian version (the shop label makes me think it could be) or a later repro. Any hint is welcome, here is a few pic, thank you very much in advance:
  15. Raul

    Help with this Cockpit G1 sizing

    I found a Cockpit G1 M422-A for sale (new but surely a few years old), a few pic below. It is sold for a very tempting low price (even though I don't like much the patch on the left chest), but the only remaining size is a 38. At 5.11" and 164lbs I am usually a 40R and I never tried a Cockpit...
  16. Raul

    1938 Gruen Curvex Majesty watch

    Here is my Gruen Curvex Majesty (330-292), with its 52mm length it is the biggest and most sought-after of all Gruen Curvex, it is in really great conditions for an 80+ years old watch, the dial is still very good and original and a nice inscription on the back confirms it's from 1938
  17. Raul

    Washing a vintage N-3B parka?

    I would like to know if any of you has ever washed a vintage vietnam era N-3B parka. Even though the internal label says "dry clean only" I don't see why, especially the 100% wool/cotton ones with authentic fur, cannot be gently washed with water and soap, even in the washer. It would take...
  18. Raul

    WTB: Original vintage N-1 deck jacket (size 40?)

    I am looking for a N-1 deck jacket and before going with a repro I want try to find an original one. It must to be in very good conditions, regarding size I don't know how these fit, I usually am a 40R but in M51 and M65 field jackets I wear a Small.
  19. Raul

    Advice for N1 deck jacket, vintage or repro?

    I am looking for a nice N-1 jacket and I need suggestions from the more knowledgeable here. I would prefer an original vintage over a modern reproduction but I don't know how hard they are to find and a how much could be a fair price to pay for a very good one. Talking about repros, I do not...
  20. Raul

    Where to find today a suit in early 60s style (slim cut)?

    I am looking for a blue suit with a slim cut like in early 60s (3 buttons, small lapel, slim pants), is there any online shop today that sells something of this kind at low/medium price? Possibly in europe to avoid customs charges. Thanks

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