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  1. Pat_H

    Good Suits

    Can anyone recommend a brand for current good quality suits? It seems like over time, any that I can find anywhere tend to be made of thinner and thinner material, and therefore they don't last as long as they should. I'd prefer heavier, more durable, wool, over lighter.
  2. Pat_H

    A few suit questions.

    I find myself in the situation in which I need a couple of good, new suits. Wearing a couple of lesser suits out, outgrowing (waste wise) my Brooks Brothers suits, and simply having managed to avoid wearing suits much for the past several years has managed to put me in this situation and it...
  3. Pat_H

    Cloth sweat band

    I'll try to keep my story short here, but I'll add a little background to my question. I had a really well made M1911 campaign hat replica that was really first rate. Shaping it field style myself (bending the brim down fore and aft), I wore it as a fishing etc. hat for years. It took a...
  4. Pat_H

    Stratton campaign hat felt

    What is the felt makeup for Stratton campaign hats, such as their Park Service hat?
  5. Pat_H

    Would California's AB44 ban fur felt hats?

    California is debating AB44, which would ban fur products, and it occurred to me that fur felt hats are a type of fur products. Does anyone know if this has been explored? I.e., would the proposal, if it become law, ban fur felt hats in California?
  6. Pat_H

    Black and White Wingtips?

    Anyone know where I can get a pair that's really darned close to this pair: https://smhttp-ssl-33667.nexcesscdn.net/manual/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/how-to-wear-black-and-white-shoes.jpg Thanks.
  7. Pat_H

    Khaki (and other cotton) semi dress trousers

    Any recommendations? There's Dockers, of course, but the local outlets are limited in what they seem to stock, so I was pondering ordering over the net. The L. L. Bean ones come in limited color choices for this sort of trouser (which makes sense, I guess, as they are khakis), at least as to...
  8. Pat_H

    Reading Glasses

    Dear all, Been quite some time since I stopped in here. I've worn glasses for years and years, and the glasses that I've worn for decades are the old style Bausch and Lomb rimless glasses. I took them up as they're they only ones that would fit my face well and I had several pairs as my...
  9. Pat_H

    Victorinox Pocket Watch strap (band?)

    I realize that this isn't a Golden Era item, but I can't think of where else to look for some assistance. I have a Victorinox pocket watch. It was a type that was marketed, way back when I got it, to outdoorsy folks, so it doesn't use the classic chain arrangement, but rather it used a short...
  10. Pat_H

    Decent dress trousers

    There may be a thread on this already, so my apologies if I'm being duplicative, but I need to order some wool dress trousers of the type you'd wear with a sports coat or blazer. I generally like cuffed trousers, prefer suspender buttons, and like them to be pleated. The last time I ordered...
  11. Pat_H

    Newsboys from Real Irish

    Does anyone have experience with these Newboys from Real Irish? http://www.realirish.com/collections/newsboy-caps?gclid=CN7_seqt4q8CFbMEQAodvTQxAA They indicate that they're made by a Eddie Doherty in Ireland. I'm in the market for a new one and I was curious about these.
  12. Pat_H

    Fedora Towns

    Do any of you folks who travel notice a particular instance of Fedoras in any one town? Yesterday I happened to be in Salt Lake City, and went to Lamb's Grill for lunch. The weather was a little cold and people were dressed accordingly. The businessmen coming in were quite well dressed...
  13. Pat_H

    When was the term "Fedora" first used for that sort of hat?

    I know that the name "Fedora" comes from an Italian play or something, but when was it first used to refer to the hat we all know and love? I ask as I'm looking at a photo of a crowd in Cheyenne Wyoming in January 1915, and one of the people in it is very clearly wearing a Fedora. I just...
  14. Pat_H

    Hat/Cap shop in Denver

    I'll be passing through Denver in a few days, and I'm in need of a new newsboy. Can anyone recommend a shop?
  15. Pat_H

    Guesses on the Today Show caps

    I see where Al and Meredith of the Today Show were in Ireland this morning, and they were both sporting caps. Al was sporting a heavy wool touring cap, and Meredith a newsboy. Any guess on the makers? I'd guess that the newsboys is a Hannah, based on its appearance.
  16. Pat_H

    Does somebody still wear these? Boaters

    In the current Orvis catalog that arrived the other day, stylishly depicted with a seersucker suit: http://www.orvis.com/store/productchoice.aspx?pf_id=0G8H&dir_id=16178&group_id=16180&cat_id=16191&subcat_id=16230 Does somebody actually wear boaters now days? I'm surprised to see one...
  17. Pat_H

    Random Historical Hat Photo Thread 1-Some ag scenes from the Great Depression

    Sort of interesting. Farm Resettlement Agency clients. Folks down on their luck, and the hats look it.
  18. Pat_H

    Input from the lounge; time to buy a thin ribbon.

    Okay, time to buy more Fedoras, as they're back and I only have a brown one. Okay, so maybe they aren't really back, and I'm just looking for an excuse. Anyhow, I have a lot of broad brimmed hats, but, for my town job, I only have two non newsboy hats (and I only have two functioning...
  19. Pat_H

    Baseball cap cloth

    Yes, baseball caps. I'll confess, in my adult years, I've pretty much eschewed baseball caps. However, in very recent years, by way of gifts, and actually a couple of purchaes, I've picked some back up. I like the design of the current ones much better than the old ones, although I can't...
  20. Pat_H

    Strayed into obsolesence?

    The bowler thread brings this up. For whatever reason, in modern times, mens hats that have come up in the last 150 years or so are generally modern, or at least quite a few of those types of hats are still in use. Cowboy hats, fedoras, berets, . . . and yes the baseball hat, have all stuck...

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